Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Time.

First time bawa kereta jauh2 pergi Port Dickson,
first time pergi Politeknik P.D.
first time pergi pantai dekat P.D.
Together with Nab & Dayah.

Sakit buntut, penat kaki tekan minyak.
Anak dara orang naik kereta kite, so terpakse la fokus.

Still remember this..

Dayah: Kau pernah pi litar Sepang tu?
Nab: Aku pernah lalu sane je.

Dayah: Eh kau pernah naik kereta F1?
Nab: Tak.
Dayah: Same la, aku pun tak pernah naik jugak.

Hahaha. xD

Dah janji dah si dia tak bawa kereta laju2, so i tak speed pun ye?
I tak lepas speed limit tahuu. I kept my promise! haha. ;p

Everything was calm at the beach, and the view was just so awesome.
Far away, I could see people kayaking,
a small child playing at the shore with his father

and the sky was just magnificent.
It wasn't crowded,
and everything was just relaxing.
Just too bad I couldn't stay there longer.

But maybe next time. :)

And Nab & Dayah,
thank you too. For the short trip, and also for the McD. :D