Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Rainy Yet Boring Day.

Man, today shouldn't be like this, I didnt expect it to be so so so, and i mean it, boring!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ALAMAK~ da nk trial da nih, npe i msh xd mood nk stdy nih...*BIG SIGH*
ARGH~ i still have a few days left to study le, why?why?why im so freaking lazy?? O.M.G...

The blog entry is specially dedicated to all who still dont have heart to study,
please dont be like me,
playing CS all day long,
watching TV all day long and
SLEEP all day long.
from now on,
open your books,
read it word by word,
and memorise all the details and important points,
maybe 3 cups of coffee per day would help you a lot.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun, yet a funny trip...

Yesterday was such a sweet & fun memory maria. thanks so much ya. =)

Prayers for Pn. Fadzilah Sirat.

People, Im afraid to tell you all that Pn. Fadzilah Sirat had beed hospitalised in ICU due to some medical difficulties. Therefore, for those who have a heart, please, pray for her and hopefully she will recover from this as soon as possible. May the God be with you teacher.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Congratz to KRS, Fire Cadet, Police Cadet and Girl Guide who won the SMKSI Marching Competition 2009 and Gadjet-constructing Competition. Hopefully the rest could catch up next year, we shall wait and see! ( BSMM, jgn klh agy tw! Thn dpn klhkn KRS! ahahaha!) ALL THE BEST!

- Specially appreciate MUHD. ZAHIN BIN JAMSARI for his contribution in boy scout. =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


SPM is just around the corner, but unfortunately i just cant settle my heart down to study and do my revision...asyik2 dok kt dpn pc & tros men game! ahahaha smpi mak pn xthn ngan aq! (bangge oh.., ahaha) But, dont worry la mum, your son can do literally anything, well, good in most of them..


Thursday, August 6, 2009

WE Tried~

Today is the day where we put the trainees on duty...well, we tried to make this as painless as possible but hopefully they wont piss us off..hahaha..Some of them are nice while some of them just aint suitable to be a prefect...BUT teacher picked them anyway..too bad.

It started nicely-- a simple briefing on how things work together, the duties that they have to fulfill and I tried to make some laughter too BUT nobody was laughing...LOL! I looked like a complete idiot. hahaha!

Hopefully they can show us some good qualities and impress us, well, in many ways.
And please cikgu?? Boleh x tolong pecatkn irwan?? I xske dy! Im sure he is a damn hypocrite!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do I Care About You?

ahahah one day baby sis Maria asked: " Do you care about me?" Well, my mind was totally blank and I replied with a very short answer-- I DONT KNOW. Hahaha I know that was a stupid and heart-breaking answer, but I was just telling the truth.

Well, we will never know whether we care about someone or not until they need us. I DO CARE ABOUT YOU, MARIA..BUT WHY?? its simple-- just because you are my friend and I care about my friend. =)


Haha all in all, i care about ya'll and hopefully you guys will do the same too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Bad Day. is such a bad day, piled homework undone, staying at home alone, and i cant play games!! oh my God, i love CS and my stupid pc just wont let me to really feels like im going to bang it and throw it from the window and let it crash and burn!!! hahaha!

Tomorrow i have school, its going to be a LONG day. Arghh... x(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Simple Apologies.

well, im sorry for letting my dear sister, Maria, waiting for me, alone, for two stupid hours. I didnt know that you were waiting for me at there and i was stupid enough to expect you to show up in school. Well, that was A BIG MISTAKE! Therefore, i apologize for what i had done and well, hopefully that you aren't mad of me right now okay.


A Whole New Adventure.

hahaha well since everybody is writing in their own blogs, why should i not to do the same thing? However, i think i wont be updating my blog frequently as im preparing for SPM...tension doh! Oh yes, this very first blog entry is specially dedicated to DHIYA AQILA ISMAIL (aka BOTAK, lol) who has been helping me in learning arab and calling me BOTAK!! Argh please la im not a baldy okay! hahaha anyway, she is yet a wonderful friend lol (weyh nih bkn nk bodek tw!)..haha

Besides that, special thanks to those who had helped me in learning arab all the time, much appreciate your assistance.

well all in all, thank you all for willing to spend you time reading this very first blog entry, much love.