Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Missing, Lost.

Sometimes, what is lost could never be found again.
When it's lost, it'd never come back.

There is a saying, a meaningful one:

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ich Vermisse Dich Means I Miss You.

Missing you at this hour is just unbearable.
Hehe. :')

It is so unbearable, that I had to call her and interrupt her when she's sleeping soundly right now.
Sorry ek? Bukan sengaja tahuu. ;p

I have never missed someone so badly before,
and you are the first person. The first, and if he wills it, the last too. :)

Sleep tight there my sleepy head,
have a sweetdream.
Think of me when you are dreaming, will you? hehe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simple Fact.

I love the fact that we could be lovers,
and best friends at the same time.

I can be myself when I'm with her.
I feel..comfortable.
Perhaps we just need a person that could make us feel loved and comfortable.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Being Alive.

A road accident happened and four young lives were lost.
YES, 4.

Perhaps there are so many things could happen in this world, beyond our imagination.
This minute you are laughing with your friends,
and perhaps the next you could no longer hear from them, no even a word,
and there is only silence. 

Accident happened in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Source: The Star

This poor young man, the driver,
he had lost a sister,
3 friends, all aged 17 to 18,
in a single collision.
Perhaps it was God that wanted to keep him alive.

A lesson for all of us.
Be safe, wherever you go.

Think of the ones you love,
your family - parents, husband, wife, son or daughter - and your friends.

We would never know what would happen next,
but at least we are doing our part to keep us safe and live.

Being alive, is always a blessing.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Wishlist for this upcoming 2012?

Nothing much,
I just want my family to be safe and healthy all the time.

There's one little wish though,
I wish we could have more time together, but seems like this wish is less likely to come true.
Just hope everything will get better as it goes, for both of us.

It's understandable, after all. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Other Than Budapest.

Sun Festival in Cuzco, Peru.

Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain.

Prague, Czech Republic.

Budapest City Park, Hungary.

I always want to be a backpacker,
travel around the world, with my camera.

You, let's go there. Me and you, around the world. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Night Till Dawn..Not So.

Okay, title memang tak boleh bla. haha.
I guess only we both know the reason why. haha. xD

we were on the phone, for the third time, according to her. haha.
This time, we had a much better conversation.
We talked about many things,
about the present, and also the past.

''Tahun ne tahun ke-4, dah 3 tahun kita kenal.''
Not 4 years okay. haha. ;p

But then,
the awesome part was,
I actually sang to her.
haha. Oh my.
I sing to no one normally, unless I sing so loud that everyone could hear me.

But I sang to her.

Well, at first it was awkward...okay maybe it's still awkward right now. haha.
Malu kot. Da la suara macam ehemm2. xD

But then, hopefully you would like that, ye? Our song. :)

We also talked about the problems that we used to have,
and the reasons why we did this and that, why she chose me, and if this relationship is okay for her or not.
It felt great actually,
to have known all these. At least we know each other better,
at least we know the motives behind why we actually did this and that.

It was good, I felt good.

Well, in the end, it was pretty much just silence from both of us,
silence that was never felt so warm and comfortable.

''Mata air kesayangan jenyew la.'' hahaha. ;p

I miss her, more than ever.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I miss that.

I miss this moment so badly.
I wish I could go back to the time when we were so happy..

Oh my, let's do it again, shall we? xD

But I can't quite remember what we actually doodled.
We doodled so many things, so many words.
Korean especially.
I can't remember how to write all the words that you had taught me,
none of them.
But the moment will be forever cherished in my heart.
After all, I have never chatted with someone from night till dawn.
Just this special girl. :')


Somewhere around this time,
back in the year 2008..
The moment when we were having non-stop conversation,
we knew nothing about tiredness.

We talked a lot.
From our dreams, to our lives.
The best damn thing was,
we were comfortable with each other.
Everything was great,
the conversation was good,
the doodle we made was surely a sweet thing to be remembered.

I just miss every single moment that we used to spend.
It's special to me.
I love that moment, and I cherish that all the time,
time passed, some things change,
but that will never take those memories off my mind.

Now here I have her,
together with me,
after all these years.

Yes, things happen something.
Good..and bad.
Sometimes, we just have to hold on to what we have and what we used to have in the past.
That special feeling never fades away.

Many things have in between these years,
ever since we graduated.
Tere are just too many of them, until we can't tell it one by one.

Well, I haven't even met her,
and I haven't even talked to her before, well, face to face.
I want to meet her one day.
Perhaps, one day, I really will.

Good night love. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stormy Day

Hanya Kau Yang Mampu - Aizat

'' Cerita tentang masa lalu 
Cerita tentang kau dan aku 
Kini tinggal hanya kenangan 
Kau abadi di dalam hatiku

Harusnya takkan ku biarkan engkau pergi 
Membuat ku terpuruk rasa ingin mati 
Derita yang mendera kapan akan berakhir 
Hanya engkau yang mampu taklukkan hatiku ''

I don't want to make the wrong choice and regret for what I have chosen. I never want that to happen to any one of us. At least we could give it a try right now while we still have the chance, until we both are willing to give up. Neither of us would feel any better if we let it go just like that, and forever it will be a regret if we don't try to make it through what we are facing now.

And about people, we will try to forget about them, FA, SZ , IZ or whosoever. Just hopefully there will be nobody else, just you and me.
I'm sorry for the jealousy, and I'm sorry for being to possessive. You might not like that, but I'm trying. Have a little faith in me, I'm trying.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What We Need

Sometimes it's actually good to know that someone cares about us.
Untung la kan kalau ade jugak orang yg sayang kat kita ne. :)
Okay, enough said, I'm jealous. haha.
But I can expect myself to know everything too.
And I don't expect you to tell me everything.

After all,
there are always secrets that lie in out hearts.
I respect that. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where The Hearts First Met.

Talking about this.
Thanks to one place,
where everything could fall at the right place for the first time..

-Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Well, we knew each other on Myspace,
in end of the year 2008.
At first, we were not close at all.
Tak tegur pun, sombong. hahaha.

But then, until now, both of us still don't know how we could end up chatting,
chatting on YIM.
We just chatted, almost every night.
From night till dawn, we chatted non-stop.
We actually had a lot of things in common, and we still have some things in common now.
Well, let's not go detailed on that.

Everything were good.
But in the year 2009,
I just didn't head from her anymore, as if she went disappeared.
Soon, a year had passed, and it was 2010.
You know, sometimes I actually signed in YIM,
just to see if you were there and I left you words so that you could read it when you are back online.
Who knows right, if you would. haha.


Then, just out of nowhere,
she's back, with her words " Good night handsome. xD ".

And things went on after that,
we are together.
And nothing could feel better than this, after all these years. :')

N. Uyuun Rahimi.

My Friend.

Okay, first of all, the story that I'm going to tell,
is about the random conversation that I had with my friend.

I asked for her opinion about my new blog layout,
and then suddenly she said : " Eh, jiwang. "
I was like, oh my. haha. xD

Talking about her,

she is my bestie.
We have gone through many thing together kot.
We knew each other when both of us were dating our ex's.

Then days after days, me and my ex broke up,
and soon after that she and her ex broke up too.
When her ex broke up with her,
she was sad.
And then, by any means to give her some spirit,
we decided to have a day out together,
Why did I do that?
Maybe we were facing the same issue kot, that's all.
No other intention. :)

that any means cost me like a huge fortune kot.
HUGE, tahu tak? haha. :))

What we did that day?
Basically, we went for movie. 2 movies.

Piranha, and Cats & Dogs.
Haha, bila da on spending spree, air mengalir macam air. HAHA.
I don't even remember where I spent my money.
All I could remember were those 2 movies. >,<

And then time went on. :)
We are still besties kannnnn, mira?

Hahaha xD

Random Entry

'' You jahat kalau you tinggal i. ''

Haha, suddenly I remember this text from her.
Well, that's promise that I have to keep, all the time.

You are always close to me and my heart. :')

More Than Just Words

You said that you are not good enough for me to stay,
You are afraid that one day I will be leaving you for someone better.

I'd never leave,
just because I don't care even if you are not good enough,
you'd always be the best that I could possibly have.
As myself is not a good person, what can I ask more from someone good like you.
If you are reading this,
I want you to know that
you are always the best.

-Once a promise, always a promise, right?- :')

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Overtaken by Stupidity.

Mak ei, masih boleh rase jealous tu kenape? haha. Tak faham betul.
Anyway, I envy the way you guys were.
I know I'm somewhat childish, tak matang.
haha. Bear with that alright.

But, it's normal la, I think,
I bet you'd feel the same too if you were me.
Although I'm jealous, that was the past,
so there is nothing to be worried about.

If there's no faith, how could there be love, right? :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Heart Says It All.

Well, sometimes I can be unpredictable,
I get mad over small matters,
feel sad for no reasons.

Yeah, really, that's me. The Unpredictable Jenyew. haha xD
Thank you so, so much for being so patient with me.
I really mean it, and I appreciate everything that you have done for me, and for us.

I could be a mean jerk sometimes,
but I just want you to know,
no matter how I could be,
I'll always, always love you.

We might not have much time together,
and although sometimes I have doubts and get upset about that,
as long as we both know where out hearts are,
then everything will always be just fine. :')

It has nothing to do with the miles that keep us apart, it's all about the hearts that feel exactly the same.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Won't Let You Go - J. Morrison

When it's black,Take a little time to hold yourself,Take a little time to feel around,Before it's gone,
You won't let go,But you still keep on falling down,Remember how you saved me now,From all of my wrongs yeah,
If there's love just feel it,If there's life we'll see it,This is no time to be alone, alone, yeah,I, wont let you go,
Say those words,Say those words like there's nothing else,Close your eyes and you might believe,That there is some way out yeah,
Open up,Open up your heart to me now,Let it all come pouring out,Theres nothing I can't take,
If there's love just feel it,And if there's life we'll see it,This ain't no time to be alone, alone, yeahI, wont let you go,
If your sky is falling,Just take my hand and hold it,You don't have to be alone, alone, yeah,I, won't let you go,
And if you feel the fading of the light,And you're too weak to carry on the fight,And all your friends that you count on have disappeared,I'll be here, not gone, forever, holding on, Oh,
If there's love just feel it,And if there's life we'll see it,This ain't no time to be alone, alone, yeah,I, wont let you go,
If your sky is falling,Just take my hand and hold it,You don't have to be alone, alone, yeah,I won't let you go,
I wont let you go, I wont let, x 2,I won't let you go x 2,

If you are reading this, you know exactly how I feel towards you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Ain't Above Lovey Dovey

When I read back some of my previous entries,
I noticed that I really grew up a lot.

When I was reading those entries, I just couldn't stop smiling.
How immature, how silly and how funny I was. Hahaha.
Well, time passes and people grow up everyday.
Life is basically a learning process, a lesson.
You live your life everyday, and you learn something new everyday, meet new people, and make mistakes, most of the time.
That's life.

I could say that I grew up a lot,
from a young little boy, to a going-to-be man.
But still, it's a long way to go, and there is plenty of lesson for me to learn.
One day, I'm going to be a man. A reliable one.

Cheers! :)