Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Night Till Dawn..Not So.

Okay, title memang tak boleh bla. haha.
I guess only we both know the reason why. haha. xD

we were on the phone, for the third time, according to her. haha.
This time, we had a much better conversation.
We talked about many things,
about the present, and also the past.

''Tahun ne tahun ke-4, dah 3 tahun kita kenal.''
Not 4 years okay. haha. ;p

But then,
the awesome part was,
I actually sang to her.
haha. Oh my.
I sing to no one normally, unless I sing so loud that everyone could hear me.

But I sang to her.

Well, at first it was awkward...okay maybe it's still awkward right now. haha.
Malu kot. Da la suara macam ehemm2. xD

But then, hopefully you would like that, ye? Our song. :)

We also talked about the problems that we used to have,
and the reasons why we did this and that, why she chose me, and if this relationship is okay for her or not.
It felt great actually,
to have known all these. At least we know each other better,
at least we know the motives behind why we actually did this and that.

It was good, I felt good.

Well, in the end, it was pretty much just silence from both of us,
silence that was never felt so warm and comfortable.

''Mata air kesayangan jenyew la.'' hahaha. ;p

I miss her, more than ever.