Friday, December 31, 2010

Idiots that prove.

'Study to be excellent,
not to be successful. If you are excellent, success will come to you.'
 Quoted from an inspring indian movie, 3 Idiots.

I have to say, it is indeed THE MOST inspiring indian movie that I have ever watched.
It's mainly about how 3 youngsters, named Rancho, Farhan and Raju, struggle in their college life in ICE, or the Imperial College of Engineering in India, and how their look after each other and care about each other.
It is about friendship, love and doing the thing you love the most.

The award winning movie 3 Idiots is indeed a great movie, its inspiring and meaningful.
Like no other hindustan movie, it's special.
It's a comedy, but at the same time, it's full of lessons for us to learn.
Care about your friends, even though you are miles apart.
Do whatever you want to do the most, it is your life, lets not let others to tell you what to do about it.
Be a wildlife photographer as you wish,
run your own business if you want to,
the oppurtunity lies in your hand.

I strongly recommend this movie, I even spent 2 hours + just to finish watching the whole movie!
It is funny, it is cute and it is touching.
Seriously, I nearly cried out.
Haha imagine that. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


and school is about to start.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When men are from Venus and women are from Mars.

When men become emotional, and women turn aggresive because of excessive testosterone..
When men tend to think too much and keep complaining to their wife, and women start drinking beers in front of the TV, watching football..

When men have to bleed the hell out of them every month, and women just can stop laughing when talking about start cooking all day long in the greasy kitchen, and women have to work extra shifts to make ends meet..
One species, two genders.
But totally different roles to play.

Understanding each other ain't easy, it takes time to build up.
When you feel that others don't understand you, ask yourself, do you understand them?

When your mom scolds you for something stupid that you've done..
Why she has to?
Because she loves you.

When the boy you once loved broke up with you..
Because you ain't just the one for him, and he ain't just the one for you.

When your husbands just couldn't stand it when you keep complaining..
Because he is tired of working, not tired of listening to you.

Think if you have the reason to blame something stupid on someone else. :)

Just Learnt.

" Cinta yang dicari pasti akan pergi. Cinta yang dinanti pasti akan tiba. "
-Quoted from Mira. :)
There is a chinese saying:
" 勉强没幸福 "
simply means, a strained relationship promises nothing.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I said I wouldn't care,
but can I?
I don't know.


2010 will soon become a history,
as another whole new chapter will begin.
Lots of things happened throughout the whole year,
and of course, its a bitter-sweet year.
Done something great,
fucked up something sometimes,
made some friends &
lost some at the same time,
been in love,
broke up with somebody,
found the one I love but got myself rejected..
 I've learnt some great lessons..
I've gone through all sort of things.

Life is never easy,
but it can be very enjoyable..
Just depends on how you treat it.
 This year,
is quite a frustrating and depressing year though.
Got myself a pretty good results in spm,
but end up in form 6.
 Looks like life isn't always fair huh..

 To be honest,
this idea never ceases in my head..
Sometimes I will think,
why don't I just put a bullet in my head,
or hang myself,
and I won't have to worry all this.
But nahh, I didn't do it.
It wasn't me not brave enough to do it,
just that I still have my family.
What about them if I die.
Well, at least I still have my reason to live longer,
although life doesn't really treat me right.

And about friends,
I don't know.
I can't really tell who's real, who's not.
Maybe I tend to overthink,
or maybe some of them indeed made friends for their own advantage.
Who knows.
Till I really need them, that's when I will know.
If somebody betrays me,
I will hurt him back, 10 times harder.
If somebody betray my trust,
for sure I will just laugh & watch that somebody dies when he/she is in trouble.
Not quite so.

it's good, it's bad.
It's sweet, it's evil sometimes. :)

Evil minded,
Jeff Jen Yew,
Signing off.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Some mistakes are worth repeating,

but some mistakes aren't.
I will not make the same mistake that isn't worth repeating, twice.
I made a terrible mistake before,
I ripped open a budding rose before it could blossom itself to the right butterfly.
I spoiled the rose,
and its petals were torn apart.
Now it would never blossom like before,
not as beautiful as it was.

I promise,
if I could hold you,
even for a single moment,
I will hold you tight,
I wll hold you with care.

One who doesn't learn from his mistake is destined to fail. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I feel old. haha lol.
Nah, just kinda miss that moment.
I can still remember,
it is still fresh in my memories.

Though I can't remember what was the date that I got my PMR result,
I can't forget,
the moment when I was lining up to get my result.
Damn, my heart was pounding like insane.

I glad that I got straight A's in PMR.
And I won't be ashamed to tell anyone,
that I graduated from SMK Seri Indah.
Because that's where I learnt, that is where I grew up, that is where I became a man.

Like I said before,
my body, it stays with Victoria,
my heart, it stays with S.Serdang,
but my soul, will be always with SMK Seri Indah. :)
To all the PMR candidates, congrats on the good results. Proud of you all.

What I like.

 I'm not a creative man,
neither am I a great blogger.
But what I write, is what I feel.
As simple as it seems.
Easy right? :)


I'm feeling better.

Seriously, that was really nasty.
I vomitted blood, literally.
For the first time I experienced that.

At first I felt cold, even with my blanket on and the fan off.
Then, I started to vomit.
First and second round was fine,
just like normal.
But when it came to third, blood started to follow out.
Then the forth and fifth,
I vomitted quite a lot of blood,
felt like dying.
That even scared my grandma too. LOL.

Luckily, after the fifth round,
everything felt much better,
I wasn't feeling cold or vomitting.
Thank god I got through this. =.=

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's time to start shaking your head!

Please turn up the volume of your speakers.
As it will rock the hell out of you. :)


I always wait for a text message from anyone I know.
I can be very happy if someone still remembers me.

When the screen of my phone lights up,
my life lights up.

Do you feel the same way like I do? :)

Ding Dong, its another day.

I haven't heard from her in a while now.
I'm started missing her.

Yes, I know I shouldn't be.
And who might that be?
Let's just keep it as a secret. :)
Since it's not really a good idea to talk it out loud.
I've had enough troubles.

Perhaps, she is just the only one that I'm looking for.
But, reality forces me to think logically.


Reality is cruel, its despairing.
I'm a little bit tired of having my mind revolving around this.

She is not ready, perhaps I'll have to keep waiting.
Hoping for a chance.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hangout 2.

Hahaha for the second time in a day I went out with mira.
 Just like usual, arcade games never leave the agenda.
This time she even played the arcade game for kids. lol.
Mind that it was only her playing it. hahaha.
Anyway, thank you so much for keeping me company two times in a day.
Thank you again, mira. :)

A not-bad morning. :D

Well, it was like as usual,
mira and i, we went to have breakfast together, AGAIN. hahaha
But this time, @ Paparich.
Yawww, not bad to have breakfast at there.
Fried rice and iced lemon tea for her and steamed bread and cappuccino for me.
hahaha yeah, of course the breakfast wasn't cheap.
But not that bad either.
Then, we went to GIANT shopping mall.
Pergh, thought it wasn't open yet, but actually it's open at 8am every weenkend. hahaha. lol.
Haa we went window shopping laa kononnya,
The epic moment is when we went to the toy department,
and try literally every toy we got there.
Barbies, toy guns, robots, blahblahblah...
Two grown-ups playing with toys, imagine that! hahahaha lol!

Well, here comes the main event --- ARCADE.
Daytona, ping pong, time crisis 3, you name it. lol.
OMG, there was nobody there, except two kids with their parents. hahahaha
Macam budak2.

We played, we laughed. :)

Feel like cursing.

 Let me keep that to myself.

P.s.: Hope everything is good, Princess. You're still my friend no matter what. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

There it goes.

Breakfast with friend @ mamak. haha.
First time driving my friend around with my new wife.
Still trying to feel her though. :)
makan roti canai,
kutuk-kutuk orang jap,
then gelak-gelak,
usha-usha 'boyfriend' dia *kan,kan mira? xD*,
layan lagu jiwang kat dalam kereta.
Went to Time Square with sis,
spent rm45 on a Giordano Tee,
another 49 on a pair of short pants with unknown brand. lol.
Spy on girls. hahahaha XD
Realised that everything is coming back to normal again,
slowly. :)
Still trying to get used without waiting for her text.
I will live.
No worries.

*Hell yeah, like somebody cares! hahaha XD*

All in all, it's been a great day. :)

Despaired and hoping for a change.

I will survive.
Leave my mind, damn it.

Feel like changing,
but how?

Mood of the day: counting days.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast time. :D

Get your tummy ready Mira,
coz we gonna kickstart the day with a full tummy
No worries yaww, all on me. :)


Where are you?
I'm anticipating. :)

At least.

 Let us be friends again?
I don't want to lose you.
I would do anything.
Even if you want me to stop all these.

I'm okay, S is strong.

Hey, don't have to be sorry or feel bad, please don't.
Like I said before, it's all about feelings.
Even though I couldn't win you heart,
always remember that:
I will be there for you when you need me,
for now, and forever will be.
S is strong, darling.
Just allow me to call you like this again for one last time.
Or else, who knows, I will not have this chance anymore.

Oh yeah, I will never forget how we met,
how I met an extraordinary girl on an ordinary day. :)
Although we met for a few times only,
I won't forget how you took my heart & breath away for the first time I saw you.
God knows how glad I am to know you.

It takes too long for me to write how I feel towards you,
or how I fall for you.
But, please,
I'm waiting for your text.
Waiting in silence everyday and night is killing me.
 No worries darling, no more silly things this time.
I just don't want to lose you,
because you are special to me.

Maybe, just maybe, on the day when you are ready,
I'm still waiting for you, princess.
Like I said, now and forever will be.

S will be there for you everytime you need him. S will come to rescue!

Lastly, I'm sorry princess,
I won't stop loving you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple fact.

It's all about using people or being used by people.
They don't give a damn about you,
they are not interested in you,
they are intereted in what they can get from you.

Oh yeah, I tried that a lot of times.
I was so fucking naive,
always being used by somebody else.
While I get nothing in return.

But not now.

Wish I will never wake up.

The girl you love and the man she likes / The man you love and the girl she likes

Well, that's just the way of life.

Did you ever feel that you deserve something better?
Or feel that this isn't fair, that isn't fair?

Nothing is even fair if you just waiting for the chance to come to you.
Something is NOT fair when you tried your best but someone else got it first.
Something is NOT fair when someone got it before you, even though he/she didn't try as hard as you did.
if you don't try, this isn't fair for you AND the one you care.
So please keep trying even if you know you efforts will end up with failure.
Yeah, I did try,
but sometimes, things just wouldn't work out the way I wanted them to be.
I ended up with frustrations, hatred, sadness, depressions.
time heals.

I will wait..
Yeah, even I don't stand a fucking chance. :)

New task new life. :)

Ahh shake off all the nonsense.
Must get a life.
I got a house to paint. :)
But still, I'm not giving up yet.
Only will if you say the word.
Don't have to be sorry, because you did nothing wrong.
- It's all about feelings. -
It's a frustrating today, but somehow i will manage to get through it.
Life is just too short to be lived up with frustrations,
sad things happen all the time.
I will live my life.


I keep asking myself:
Why am I so fucking naive.
 I blame myself for being stupid.
Yeah, pathetic.
Not so happy-go-lucky huh.

Weak man strong man.

Physically strong men,
Hmm, they do look attractive.
Just by how they look may easily impress the opposite sex.
Physically lame men,
yeah, they may look dumb, yet silly,
but who on Earth has the right to take away their right to love? :)
 But yeah, nobody really likes a nerd,
unless oneself is a nerd too. LOL =.=
Try to answer this,
when you first meet 2 men,
one of them has tough & musculine body but he is indecisive on what he wants for his life,
and the other one has outstanding characters but he has a not-so-hot-body,
who impress you the most?

Nah, just a lame question.
But I believe that strong characters will always win over machoness
Though I don't have either one of them. >.<

How it ends.

It's okay,
we will take it slow.
Whenever you are ready,
I will wait,
Just like I said before.
I'm sorry for the mistakes I made.

Always will be your and yours only Superman. :')

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, sometimes a song reminds me of a special person.
But the meanings within the lyrics of a song,
is much too greater than the song itself.

They remind me of friendship,
the present and the past,
the relationships that I let go,
and the one I love now.

Sometimes, yeah, I do hate you.
But most of the times, I find myself missing you badly.
I miss all the moments we shared.

A song says a thousand words in our heart.
So what song is yours?

THE MOST satisfying morning ever.

Wake up at 6am with a smile on my face,
heading to shower,
put on my clothes,
wish the one I love to have a great day ahead,
take the keys
start driving.

Pick a friend up,
having breakfast together,
making jokes,
laughing together,
sharing problems,
having fun.

To me,
nothing is more satisfying than a morning with your best friend around.
Though the breakfast wasn't fancy,
just a simple one.
Million thanks to Nur Amira for making my day. Thanks for listening and your 1.30 too. :D