Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm okay, S is strong.

Hey, don't have to be sorry or feel bad, please don't.
Like I said before, it's all about feelings.
Even though I couldn't win you heart,
always remember that:
I will be there for you when you need me,
for now, and forever will be.
S is strong, darling.
Just allow me to call you like this again for one last time.
Or else, who knows, I will not have this chance anymore.

Oh yeah, I will never forget how we met,
how I met an extraordinary girl on an ordinary day. :)
Although we met for a few times only,
I won't forget how you took my heart & breath away for the first time I saw you.
God knows how glad I am to know you.

It takes too long for me to write how I feel towards you,
or how I fall for you.
But, please,
I'm waiting for your text.
Waiting in silence everyday and night is killing me.
 No worries darling, no more silly things this time.
I just don't want to lose you,
because you are special to me.

Maybe, just maybe, on the day when you are ready,
I'm still waiting for you, princess.
Like I said, now and forever will be.

S will be there for you everytime you need him. S will come to rescue!

Lastly, I'm sorry princess,
I won't stop loving you.

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