Saturday, December 19, 2009

Movie, date & lunch.

Today I went hang out with Jes, Seu, Estee, Bryan, Lawrence, Acrystal and Yan Yee. WELL, it was a pretty amazing outing we got there.

First, when we first stepped into Mid Valley, we went straight to the cinema. Hahaha wow somebody was so anxious to watch The Twilight Saga lol, isn't Jes? Haha

However, when we reached the cinema....HOLY MOTHER! The view was just so stunning, and it awed us.
The people in front of the cinema were just amazing, which were roughly around 100-200!
Geez, what to do? Line up la! =,=
SO, against all of our will, we lined up to wait for our turn...
Luckily the counters ran pretty fast, and soon it was our turn.
Well, too bad for Jes, she didnt make it for The Twilight Saga which were showing on 11.00am while the next session will be on 4.20pm. Therefore, like it or not, she had to watch Avatar 3D with us..

The movie was fine and the graphics were breath-taking, and you will going to regret if you dont watch it.
I could not enjoy myself watching this movie though, since I was feeling so cold until I could not feel my finger anymore. LOL.
Plus I was damn starving and nature called. Hahahaha.

Then, we went to have our lunch, which was set on 3pm something, hahaha so called "lunch" huh.
Well, at the beginning we went to the food court, wow, it was full with people.
We went to Carl's Jr, and the situation still remained unchanged, FULL!
Luckily, we found a store named Noodle Station and had our seat there.
But we were so pissed when a dating couple who had paid the bill and just didnt want to leave.
Damn man, cant you see we need seats? Just bug off dude!
Then the most irritating moment was when we finally had our seat after a pretty long time, which were apparently not from THEM, they left! And that dude walked away while hugging his damn hot girlfriend! zzz.
Well, the foods were quiet okay, while relatively economic.

I had a Springy Noodle with fried chicken dumpling and a cup of espresso, which only costed me 12 bucks.

The next thing we did was spending our time in MPH Bookstore and I was so eager to find some books about avionics engineering and aerospace engineering. HOWEVER....



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby steps.

Those old days have gone away,
and new life is searching for its way out!

What am I going to do next?
Study of course.


NO way, I suck in Biology... 

How about This?

Nope, I dont draw well...

Or this?


Nah, I'm not interested.

I know!

Yeah, I love it damn much!

I'm so into it.

You know what course is it?

Well, its called avionics engineering!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Screwed Up

Facebook really screws my mood up today!

Monday, December 7, 2009


It was indeed a great movie of the year 2009 -- the 2012..
The special effects were just awesome!
The thrill ran throughout the story, and only 2 words I can say: ''very impressive''!

Roland Emmerich, the director of 2012 is also the director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow,
which were also the great movies that I recommend you to watch, kudos for you!
The movie 2012 taught me a lot of lessons, and it has shown me that mankind will always stay together no matter what, and the selflessness is indeed undoutable.
Besides that, there is also the dark side of mankind,
they only care for themselves and ignore others,
they will do simply anything, including sacrifying others, so that they could stay alive.

And I still remember a scene when Yuri, the rich-fat Russian man,
who sacrificed himself in order to save his son from being left behind.

And this greatly touches my heart.

There is a quote from this movie which is very classic for me: 

The day we stop fighting for each other, is the day when we lose our humanity.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Going for movie

Duhh finally I manage to watch 2012 tonight...
Cant wait for it babeh!
I heard some recommendations from my friends and sis,
telling me that I will be regret if I'm not going to watch it...

So.., by hook or by crook, I get my movie tickets which I bought online!
Yeah baby!

Renovation !

Yaww peeps,
I have made some changes on the blog here,
new layout,
new blog title,

blog description!

Phewww, it was quiet exhausting for me to do all these...
Search for the picture,
edit this and that,
choose for the right colours,
and edit my post entries..
But when all these come together,
it is so satisfying!
And that satisfaction is just amazing.

What a day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for anything

Life is getting more and more beautiful as SPM is passing by.
And I'm supposed to start doing my revision on Physics, where the Physics papers are on Thursday, but I'm not making any progression!
God, laziness is overwhelming myself and the examination is totally excruciating.
Hope things could be over soon.
After those 3 days, I shall be free and the beast inside me will be released!

What I'm going to do after SPM?
Well, basically there ain't a lot of things for me to do...
However, first I will get my car license and hang out with my peeps.
Then I'm going to have some rest, which will take about 2, at most 3 weeks.
After that, I will start looking for job....
God! Hopefully I could find a nice job and make some money for myself.
Maybe I will spend some time exploring life, sleeping, and fooling around.
Thanks God that I have nothing to worry about now, and its quite relieving.
Finding a girlfriend ain't my top priority, since I had enough trouble with that. haha.

My plan is all set and I'm ready.

3 days to go and counting.