Sunday, June 27, 2010

A day without Facebook-ing?

Would you like to try that?
I bet you cant stand even a day or so. haha.

Recovered from fever and good morning to everybody,
Jeff Jen Yew.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haha I miss them. Some of them. hahaha.

Well, today Kak Innah suddenly miss-called me.
I said: Wow, its been a while since I last met her..which was about 3months ago..
She is real nice duhh, from Kelantan, aged 23, skinny, very indeed. hahaha.

She and Miss N are the nicest persons to me during my first working experience..

Miss N quit after a month later or so.
She left for another Job somewhere in Johor.
But months after that, she works with another company in Bangi.

And for Kak Mutmainnah aka innah aka eiyna,
well, she is very very very super awesomely lady.
Feminine, soft, but very friendly at the same time,
but not when she is mad at you. hahaha.
After I worked for for 2 months3,
Innah quit and went back to her hometown, Kelantan.
Kinda miss her until now. :-)

Then2, after 3 months of working for that stingy company,
I finally quit !
Duh just couldn't stand it anymore.
Supervisor she doesn't know anything, and threw everything on me. WTF.

After I get my last pay cheque,
I terus blah.
Taknak ad pape kaitan dengan sana lagi. hahaha.

Standing from left to right: Vivian aka supervisor, wana aka new staff, mazliana, innah, dispatch boy. haha.

Miss N is not in this photo. :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh my, today was totally so awfully tiring..
Homeworks keep on loading and loading, piling and piling.
And word of the day is -- Procrastinating.

Today was not that fun,
most of my friends they ain't going to school today,
and some of them are not coming anymore.
So sad huh,
thats why today wasn't so motivating,
the class was not that cheerful anymore.
Damn I miss them all!

After school hours, we had our MPP,
or Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar session,
today we met some of the seniors,
who are mostly girls. hahaha.
Then2, we went back at around 3.

Back home, all i ever wanted is s-l-e-e-p.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

lols not finish yet. :S

Err tonight is gonna be a sleepless night duh. I shouldnt watch too much tv & eat too much sushi. =,=

Anyway, since takde keje plus tak boleh tidor, haha, i followed some blogs. Fatin, alia, azim etc.
Nmpk sgt fatin serious talented dlm bab2 art nih duh, even the blog title sounds so ( i mean really ), well, artistic.
hahaha. Thats a compliment okayy fatin. 
BUT you still have to build up your confidence okayy. Jgn pulak simpan-simpan, lama-lama nnt boleh letup ouhhh. hahaha :))

Err nih nk ckp psal nana pulak, hahaha. Serious respect kt u nana, 5 blog entries in one day.. =___='
Salute you nana! hahahaha.
Bagus la u komited sgt dlm bab2 blogging nih, tak macam pakcik nih, 2-3 hari baru dapat 1 blog entry je. LOL.

Aik, why i write in BM? LOL. hahahaha.
Okay, back to the story..,
today basically is boring, doing homeworks watching tv blogging back to homeworks peeing eating back to blogging now. haha.
But luckily laa, still dapat spend this weekend with my family.
We had our dinner outside, laughing2 a bit, chitchatting abit..
Hmm it wasnt so bad afterall. haha.

Err then just now i went blog-walking,
i hung around at Dhiya's page, Fatin's, Nana's, Alia's, Azim's...
Ad yg cakap pasal sekolah, korea, bola, blah blah blah..
Even ad yg cakap pasal mencarut la pulak. hahaha
Nana, fakkiu facebook! LOLS.

Then suddenly I miss you all so fucg-ing damn much,
I miss my school, my days, YOU ALL la.
Then korek balik gambar lama, post dekat facebook.
Tag seorang-seorang. hahaha. :-)
Ade jugak gambar-gambar private sikit,
maaf ek tak leh post due to some personal issues. hahahaha.
But I swear to my holy god, they are not censored okayyyy. =,=

Holy syht, this blog entry is freaking long.
First time write a blog entry using BM lols.
Hope you all dont mind okay, sometimes using bm is easier for me to express myself.
Blogging is all about expressing your feelings right.
If you mind, fucg off please. haha.

All in all, I wish all the very best to you all,
especially dhiya who is going back to hostel,
and definitely fatin who is going to experience new things.
You all take care okay bud.
Dude i will never forget you all. :"(

Well i guess thats it, Im signing off for now.
Good night peeps. Take Care.

P/s : Nana, salute you! hahaha!

Lots of love to you all,
Jeff Jen Yew,
Signing off.

1 minute please!

Hear me out for the last time for this day!
Happy Back-to-School everybody!
Enjoy your last day in heaven before you get sucked into hell,

Good night. :)

Signing off,
Jeff Jen Yew.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get ready?

Fucg-ing holiday is going to end soon..
Homeworks undone,
shoes havent washed,
well, for a whole long month. zzz.
Its going to be stink like syht. hahaha.
24-7 on facebook...

staying up late (and of course getting up late).. 

Jeez, i wish i could spend my days like this.
Sleep eat sleep watching tv eat online playing games eat sleep.
LOLs dont have to mention poo / pee-ing right?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ReadMalaysia, Read!

Haha kli ni nk ngade cket, aku ckp BM oke.
Kepada mmbr2 yg xphm, pndi2kn diri anda ye.
Ehemm2, here goes the story,
yesterday I went to ReadMalaysia Book Fair,
PERGH! Gila byk org!
+ Boring. LOL
Anyway, I got myself this nice book,

I havent read it though. =P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Worst Blunder on Earth! hahaha!

hahaha, well, I failed. LOL
I should had done it better...zzz
Nevermind, I will be seeing you next time!