Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just because I have to say this.

Things happen, regardless they are good or bad. They will just keep coming, and coming.
It comes to a point, when it's too much for you to handle yourself, physically and mentally.

There are just too many things on my mind.
Studies, personal problems, blah blah blah that are playing with my mind.
Now even cigarettes will help much.
Quit it, and now it's back. Again.

We can't please everyone, that's for sure, and surely we expect people to do what we want.
What lies inside, is what you would never know. What I never said before, was what you would never listen.
They all are kept inside, within me, away from you.

Whatever that is mine, I won't let anyone to put a finger on it.
Say I'm selfish maybe, or say I'm mean.
But I won't do the same in return.
Just because, I can't.
Say I'm mean. Say I'm selfish.

Accept me whole, or just leave me.
And if I can't accept you whole, I might, as well, leave.

Hi sadness, it's been a long while. :)

And thank you too, to those who are there to give their support along the way.
At least, they listen when nobody else would.
Perhaps, that's what friends are for.
I had never spoken about this to anyone before, but it just became too unbearable.
They are always there to care. For that, I thank you. Sincerely.

Oh well, surely I did some mistakes.
Small and big.
And the blame should be on me too.

Trust is not created in a single day.
Trust is also not created by repeating the same words over and over again.
Trust is built with actions, my friend. Not just your words.
They are just not enough. They are just not enough.

But at the same time, I wouldn't anticipate more.
The more I try not to care, I more I do.
Well, perhaps it's time. To let go and move on.
Or perhaps, I'm just running in a circle.

I couldn't give you my words, that I would forget everything.
Just because I can't.

Time heals everything, but give time some time to do its work.
Being mad, or being sad, won't help much.
Hatred? Yes, it existed only at the beginning.
But hating somebody is just a waste of time.
Stupid, silly. Whatever you call it.

You can move on with your life, and surely I can do better.
For that, I can give you my words as there is nothing to salvage.

Remember the past, but live in the present. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suicide - worth it?

It was all over the news. Newspaper, television, everywhere.

An 11-year-old boy committed suicide right on Mother's Day. 

Most of the teens today just don't seem to be capable of handling problems, and to them, death might just be the only way for them to resolve their problems.
Not just teenagers, we who constantly gain more stress than we can release, from work, school, or family.

Death is not the only way, it certain is not.

Imagine the pain that a mother had to suffer, when her young child ended his life right on the day that was special to her. Just imagine that.
A special day, turned out to be the day her son passed away and left her. The agony, the sadness, are just devastating.

I have to admit that children nowadays are exposed to a higher level of stress, compared to those back in the 90's. Greater pressure from studies, teachers, and even parents, and that would normally frustrates them.
Yes, stress could be a motivation to drive us to have improvement. But when it comes to a point where a child could no longer handle it, things would go out of control, and sometimes, end up in a sad situation.

Is it what we want for our children? Is it?

Certainly, we want the best for our children, and we want them to be the best too. But think about it, is that what THEY want? I was a kid once, and I consider myself as lucky because back then I was not given too much pressure from my parents. I could have the luxury to play video games, and go cycling around the neighborhood together with my friends. That is why, parents have to balance it out- education is crucial, but recreation is also a must!

Parenting is not about pushing your children to the limit, nor make them to do what we want. It's about moulding a person, and developing his potential to the fullest. We give guidance, not orders. We give them affection, not orders.

These are my points of view, at least. Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Share this, and you could make a difference.

Lifeline Association of Malaysia -
Helpline 1: (603) 92850039
Helpline 2: (603) 92850279
Helpline 3: (603) 92850049

-My deepest condolences to Teh Wei Zhen's family. May your soul rest in peace.-

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hari Ibu Haram?

Okay, first of all, there are just the points from a typical non-muslim, who knows nothing much about Islam.

But still, do correct me if I'm wrong! :)

Celebrating mother's day is forbidden among Muslims. Here's why :-

Well, to me, as long as you start this off with a good intention, that is to show your appreciation to your own mother, celebrating mother's day doesn't seem wrong to me.

Imagine that, your mother she was pregnant for 9 months, gave birth to you, and she fed you and raised you up all these years. Shouldn't we do something special to show our mothers our love, and that we really appreciate them?

A good intention.
That's the word that defines the whole meaning of celebrating mother's day. You celebrate it because you love your mother, and that's quite the whole story. Not because of other religious matters.

To me, celebrating mother's day, or Hari Ibu, shouldn't be considered as 'haram'. Simply because it does not necessarily mean we are embracing other religions if we celebrate mother's day.

Yes, mother's day was originated from the Greek, to honour Cybele. But over the years, the true meaning of celebrating mother's day, I believe, had changed. Mother's day that we are celebrating today is no longer a day to honour the goddess, but a day that we show our love, and affection to our mothers.

if this is to show our love and affection to our mothers, then this can be done on every other day too. Not just on mother's day only, but any other normal days as well. There should not be any special occasion or time for us to show our moms that we love and appreciate them, right? Love your mom, and remember her all the time. :)

All in all, to me, Hari Ibu shouldn't be considered as 'haram', IF we are celebrating it with a good intention- to show some love! :D

At least, this is what I think about Hari Ibu. Feel free to drop your comments here! Do correct me if I'm wrong.
I love you, mom. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Only In Malaysia. God saves Malaysia.

Rumour has it that immigrants that had undergone 6P Programme initiated by the Malaysian Government are now given the right to vote in General Election.

Yes, right to vote, just like all of us.

Quoted from here :-

Today, Prime Minister's office has allegedly received a confirmation from some of our citizens those working in several sectors in Malaysia since last year that they were given more than citizenships from Malaysian Government. In fact they now have been given a right to be a voter in upcoming Malaysian's general election.

Another highly placed source from prime minister's office has confirmed that Bangladeshi workers may easily conferred Malaysian citizenship with the condition to vote for party that represents the government in power. "

If it's really happening here in Malaysia, it just clearly shows the desperateness of the current Malaysian government, running by Barisan Nasional, in order to win the election again.
Think about it, the number of immigrants here in Malaysia is running wild, and being a permanent resident of Malaysia is just an easy task. Sooner or later, the whole country would just be flooded by all the immigrants coming from different countries.

Immigrants are definitely important for the development of the nation, but permanent residency should be given to selected people only- to professionals, not a typical labour that works at a construction site.

Given the right to vote? Then what is the difference between us and a typical Bangladeshi labour? That just doesn't make sense to me, and honestly, that is just a reckless decision. Yes, the 6P programme itself started off with a good intention- to minimise the number of illegal immigrant here in Malaysia, but what makes them deserve the right to vote? Do they know anything about the politics in Malaysia? Do they care about Malaysia? For God's sake, they came here just to make a living, and that's it!

Perhaps it's time for us to reconsider to which party our votes should go. Sadly, most of the teenagers here in Malaysia, don't really participate in politics. Politics just doesn't seem interesting to them, and they just take what is given to them. A change for the better, a change for good.

At least, these are my points of view. Do correct me if I'm wrong. :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Time.

First time bawa kereta jauh2 pergi Port Dickson,
first time pergi Politeknik P.D.
first time pergi pantai dekat P.D.
Together with Nab & Dayah.

Sakit buntut, penat kaki tekan minyak.
Anak dara orang naik kereta kite, so terpakse la fokus.

Still remember this..

Dayah: Kau pernah pi litar Sepang tu?
Nab: Aku pernah lalu sane je.

Dayah: Eh kau pernah naik kereta F1?
Nab: Tak.
Dayah: Same la, aku pun tak pernah naik jugak.

Hahaha. xD

Dah janji dah si dia tak bawa kereta laju2, so i tak speed pun ye?
I tak lepas speed limit tahuu. I kept my promise! haha. ;p

Everything was calm at the beach, and the view was just so awesome.
Far away, I could see people kayaking,
a small child playing at the shore with his father

and the sky was just magnificent.
It wasn't crowded,
and everything was just relaxing.
Just too bad I couldn't stay there longer.

But maybe next time. :)

And Nab & Dayah,
thank you too. For the short trip, and also for the McD. :D

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hijab, Tudung - On or Off?

for those who don't know what's hijab or tudung,
Hijab or tudung is referred to the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women around the world.

Yet, due to modernization and some other reasons,
many have chosen to take off their hijab,
so that they would look stylish, and modern.
Go out there, and you would see handful of people who don't have their hijab on, especially the young generation who thinks wearing hijab is old fashioned and out-of-date.

However in Islam,
women are forbidden to reveal any part of their body including their hair, except their faces, and palms, to those who don't have direct relation with them. (Note that different regions have different dress codes.)

you would look stylish, you would look modern in a way.
And yes,
not all who don't wear hijab are considered as bad people,
and not all who wear it are considered as good.
But when it comes to this particular issue,
it's not about being modern or stylish;
it's all about identity and integrity.

Putting on hijab would clearly tell others who you really are, without a single word needed.
People would look at you, and they would that you are a muslim right away.
But in the end it's up still to you if whether or not you want to uphold the principle of Islam.
It would be totally pointless if you choose to wear hijab,
yet you refuse to uphold the principle of the religion, or vice versa.

But still,
wearing hijab would help you to have your own integrity,
as a muslim woman. Wearing hijab would always help to remind yourself,
that who you really are, and what is your belief.
Putting on hijab should never be considered as old fashioned, because that is the fundamental thing to do as a muslim woman.
Wearing hijab could also be stylish, or modern. But still, as long as you are wearing it to uphold the principle of Islam, not just following the trend blindly.
Yet, personally I don't think it should be encouraged.
To me, it's more to showing off, rather than upholding the religion.

The way you dress up reflects who you are, in the eye of others, and Him.

At least, these are my points of view, from a non-muslim.
Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homo or hetero?

First of all, this is a topic which needs an open-mind.
It's basically being practised all over the world, no matter how sickening it would be to some or many of us, and no matter how strongly rejected it is by the community, or supported by some NGOs.

The term is called homosexuality.
Basically many of us, especially those who are from eastern countries, would freak out whenever they see, or know, a homosexual.
Homosexuality is, as much as I know, against our religions, regardless of which religion it is.

there are still people who are willing to speak out for the right of homosexual.
Marriage between homosexuals are being legalized in most of the western countries, while in the east people still can't quite accept this abnormality.

What makes a human, regardless of the gender, a homosexual, and how this changes their life?
Perhaps, we would have to ask them.

To me, homosexuality can still be accepted, not legally at least, by the community.
It's just that, those who are homosexual, should always contain themselves, and behave.
Being a homosexual doesn't give you the right to interrupt, nor annoy others' lives.
That will just make things worse.
There was a friend of mine, who was just recently being harassed by a homosexual, and she's sick of that.

You may see a homosexual as a freak,
but perhaps you could keep it to yourself.
You don't have to go to the extreme measures to against homosexuality, or insult the homosexuals.
Well, they are human too, and they have feelings. Perhaps they know that being a homosexual would be better for them, or perhaps they are confused.

All we should do is to guide them, or rehabilitate them.
If we choose to against homosexuality, perhaps we could go against it by doing some constructive measures, not to the extreme we will go.
It's not going to help anything if we are up for protest against homosexuality.

These are my points of view, at least. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

True or false, all up to you.

Quoted from the article "Kahwin Cara Melayu atau Kahwin Cara Islam?". ( Click here for the whole article )

''Kalau anda lelaki, anda mesti ingin berikan segala yang terbaik untuk bakal isteri anda.

Dan, kalau anda perempuan seperti saya, semestinya inginkan hantaran yang tinggi (lulusan ijazah sekarang, hantaran RM10K ke atas). Perlu tidak?

Maaf perempuan, kalau terasa. Saya bukan jual diri, saya tidak perlukan hantaran RM10-20K. Saya tidak letak harga untuk nilai diri sendiri dan harga cinta saya. Ini masalah kalau kita kahwin cara Melayu; bukan cara Islam.

Saya perempuan lulusan ijazah, saya ada tulang 4 kerat, dan saya boleh berusaha, kenapa perlu mengharap dengan lelaki? Suami bukan untuk dibebani, tapi untuk disenangi. Isteri bukan untuk dibeli, tapi untuk dikasihi.

Kos kahwin sekarang paling rendah pun RM20K serba serbi. Hantaran, majlis, belum baju, pelamin. Tapi cuba fikir, perlu tidak? Baju raya kan masih ada, cantik lagi. Kasut raya pun masih baru.

Kenapa perlu buat majlis di hotel, dewan orang ramai kan ada? Kalau rasa sangat mahal untuk katering, boleh upah orang masak, tinggal sediakan bahan dan peralatan. Bersanding tak perlu, buat penat badan duduk macam tunggul depan orang.

“Seganlah. Nanti orang kata apa.”

“Isk, buat malu belajar tinggi-tinggi, tak dapat hantaran.”

Hai, ni mentaliti Barat. Bagi yang beragama Islam, ingat rukun nikah.

Tanggungjawab selepas kahwin yang penting. Lebih baik duit sewa pelamin jadi duit persiapan untuk anak pertama. Prioritikan penggunaan duit anda. Kos bersalin bukan murah. Kalau di hospital kerajaan, paling kurang perlu ada RM400-500. Tapi di hospital swasta, minimum RM2000. Kos ada anak sangat tinggi sekarang.''

Well, I have to agree with that.
A well-managed marriage is not based on how much money you have, or what you will give for hantaran.

How much should the hantaran be for it to be enough?
It's always the more the better. Man can never get enough.

You can have RM10k and a mercedes-benz for hantaran, but in the end you get a husband who beats you up when he is mad, who doesn't even want to talk to you when he is bored of you.
Tepuk dada tanya selera, berbaloi kah?
You can have everything if you have the money,
but money is not everything.

Yes, hantaran is a must,
but the heart is what matters the most.
If your husband's heart is not there with, what's the point if you have all the wealth that you could possibly imagine?
I would say,
people would normally judge each other on the outside, and often miss the inner virtue.
Of course, you can't give your daughter away to a good man who owns nothing. But you can't just give her away to a man who owns everything as well if he is not the one for her. Jual anak ke sekarang?

But still, we have to be realistic. Note the word REALISTIC, not MATERIALISTIC.
We need to have a proper foundation before we start a marriage, a family.
A proper finance, career, house, car etc.
We need to ensure everything is there. Getting married is a huge matter, no jokes.

Back in the 70's, 80's, you could get married even you didn't have a penny.
Just because you could have a bowl of noodles for 5 cents, or a bottle of soda for 3.
Now, things are no longer like that.
5 cents can't even buy a candy now, and everything needs money- bills, diapers, loans, groceries- everything.
Without a good financial base, you are not going anywhere.

That's why, think wisely when you want start a marriage and run a family.
It's fun to start a family, but there are just so many things to be considered.

These are my points of view, at least. :)

Not so awesome la.

It wasn't that awesome pun la.
Band 5, I just got lucky and that's it.
One more mark and I'd drop to a band 4.
So it's not that impressing, or convincing to say I got a band 5 for MUET.

Not trying to be proud,
but I think there are people who deserve a band 5 too,
or perhaps a band 6.
Not sure what happened though.

But still,

I just got lucky, end of story.

Awesome me? Certainly not. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Promise of a lifetime.

There is a friend of mine, we are at the same age
and she's going to engage with her fiance tonight.

At first I couldn't believe what I heard.
I was like "Really? Today?"
Well, I didn't get that. Why would they want to engage so early,

as there are so many things out there to be discovered.
All the wonderful things,
wonderful persons.

But then I realised,
as long as they have their faith, and trust towards each other,
nothing can't be done.
Well, after all, it's just an engagement, not a marriage.
Perhaps during this stage,
they would come to know each other, more.
Although they have known one another for about 9 years already,
it'd still be good for both of them.

The fiance.
I don't really know much about him.

In fact, I don't even know him. haha.
But what I heard from others about him was quite impressing.
He's an undergraduate in medicine in Oxford University, England.
He must be good I think. Well, I hope he is good. :)

Life can be discovered together.

From a different view, together with the same person that you are going to spend the rest of your life.

And then, started la.
I wonder,
bila la nak bertunang ne. hahaha. xD
But no matter when will it be,
I'd give my best to the one that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with,
and I'd make her my only treasure.

Mataair, sabar ek,
dalam mase 10 tahun je pun. Sabar. ;p

dear Miss Shazwani Nazar ( that's if I'm spelling it correctly ),

Happy engagement,
and may you have all the blessing from Him. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Round and round.

Thee, linger in my mind, round and round. Every day and night.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random entry.

Isn't it just so true?

When Things Didn't Go Your Way.

I guess the picture says it all.
Mind my language, shit does happen and stir everything up, every once in a while.


it is, at least, good to know our own mistakes-
what we did wrong, what we should do better, and things like that.

Yeah, there is no so called forever-happiness or forever-sadness,
they come and go as soon as the other leaves.
What we could do are just appreciate every happy moment we spend with those we love,
and try to work things out when the troubles come.

Well, at least, we apologize for our mistakes. There's no point to be egoistic.

And when you've found out something that you don't know at the first place,
you just have to deal with it.
So what if you know, if you find it out right.
Argue over such issue isn't going to make anything better,
in fact, it makes everything worse.

Am I right? :)

you just have to have faith.
It's not easy to hold on to it,
but you just gotta have some faith.

If one is meant for you,
he or she will always be yours no matter where you go, or where you are;
if not,
she is never yours at the first place.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Food Hunting! :D

Mary had a little lamb..

Lamb chop for the win! :D

My, food hunting has never been that difficult. But it's worth to put a smile on your face. :)