Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suicide - worth it?

It was all over the news. Newspaper, television, everywhere.

An 11-year-old boy committed suicide right on Mother's Day. 

Most of the teens today just don't seem to be capable of handling problems, and to them, death might just be the only way for them to resolve their problems.
Not just teenagers, we who constantly gain more stress than we can release, from work, school, or family.

Death is not the only way, it certain is not.

Imagine the pain that a mother had to suffer, when her young child ended his life right on the day that was special to her. Just imagine that.
A special day, turned out to be the day her son passed away and left her. The agony, the sadness, are just devastating.

I have to admit that children nowadays are exposed to a higher level of stress, compared to those back in the 90's. Greater pressure from studies, teachers, and even parents, and that would normally frustrates them.
Yes, stress could be a motivation to drive us to have improvement. But when it comes to a point where a child could no longer handle it, things would go out of control, and sometimes, end up in a sad situation.

Is it what we want for our children? Is it?

Certainly, we want the best for our children, and we want them to be the best too. But think about it, is that what THEY want? I was a kid once, and I consider myself as lucky because back then I was not given too much pressure from my parents. I could have the luxury to play video games, and go cycling around the neighborhood together with my friends. That is why, parents have to balance it out- education is crucial, but recreation is also a must!

Parenting is not about pushing your children to the limit, nor make them to do what we want. It's about moulding a person, and developing his potential to the fullest. We give guidance, not orders. We give them affection, not orders.

These are my points of view, at least. Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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Lifeline Association of Malaysia -
Helpline 1: (603) 92850039
Helpline 2: (603) 92850279
Helpline 3: (603) 92850049

-My deepest condolences to Teh Wei Zhen's family. May your soul rest in peace.-

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