Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class photo of 5 Science...year 2009.
Its not nice, but surely its sweet...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awesome Day.

I went outing with my friends,
Lawrence, Amanda, Bryan & Seu...
It was awesome and fun!!
Somehow, feel kinda down because I really want to watch G-Force...
But we watched ''Where Got Ghost'' instead.

Before going for movie, we went to have our breakfast at Subway, Time Square...
Geee..., you guys know how long is 1-foot??
And thats the size of the Subway's Italian Spicy!!
OMG luckily I did not have to eat it all by myself...
Oh yes, Its bloody expensive!! Argh~~

Luckily the movie was great and real amusing...,
and I love it lol.
BUT the most embarrassing moment was i screamed out when I was watching it lol.
& Lawrence just could not stop complaining!! haha~

Err..., after that, we went to Sg. Wang and start shopping!!! Yahh! x)
ahahaha Bryan just could not stop looking for clothing.
I wish I could be as rich as he is lol...

Well, after Sg. Wang, we all went to Pavilion..
Its not far away from Sg. Wang.., but its still kinda far for
But all in all, it was still pretty fun.

When we reached there,
we went to the top floor and start window-shopping..,
due to financial factor, we could barely afford anything at there...hahaha

After that, I was thinking what to buy for the oncoming birthday girl...
then, here we are, S & J Gift Shop...
well, I bought a teddy for her, and I got a free gift -- a pen. =.=

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, the pen was broken by Bryan when we left the shop...
Man, not sure whether he did it on purpose or not. hahaha!

After that, we walked to the food court to have our lunch...
I ordered a set of spicy chicken chop rice at Little Taiwan,
which cost me RM 13...
BUT that was the second time I order the same set since I first went to there...

Then, we walked back to Sg. Wang again...
Planning to head back to home...
But Lawrence took us to Romp Fashion Store instead.

OMG, the clothes is really nice,, & gee the price is even ''nicer''!!
ahahaha! At first, I thought, WHAT THE HELL, GEE SO GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE!
But at the end, because of Amanda and Seu, I bought it. xD

Well, after that, we all went back to home by LRT.
And too bad Seu was having headache at that time.., so we were kinda worry about her.
Take good care of yourself okay. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I was...?

I was...

-trying to text her early in the morning like we used to do-
-studying bio once i reached my school-
-waiting for her-
-trying to find her face in the assembly area-
-kinda sad because she seemed cool, too cool-
-taking bio test paper 3, luckily it was not that hard-
-happy because i saw her again, but nothing happened-
-busy dealing with my matriculation & extra-curricular stuff-
-relief since i have finished most of the works-
-missing her so i sent her a text massage, wishing her to have a good day-
-kinda stupid because even when i know she wont text me, but im still waiting and hoping-
-going home by school bus-
-taking my shower which im not used to do-
-playing a new game called Killing Floor, kinda fun and thrilling-
-playing my favourite game, Counter Strike, again.-

And now i am...

-writing my blog entry-
-missing her, so much-
-hoping to get a message from her-
-getting ready for tuition class-
-getting ready for dinner-
-trying to figuring out what is she doing-
-hoping that she is missing me too duh-
-sure that i love her more than i ever did-
-publishing blog entry-
-signing off from blogger-
-signing in on tagged & myspace-
-trying to figure out about the present for her on her oncoming birthday-
-hoping that i could ask her out and date her (lol)-

-well, thats most of my day-

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oops. What should I do?

I love you more and more,
from the very moment you came into my life.
I really Love To Be Loved By You
and please tell me
How I'm Supposed To Live Without You.

Well, you know who is it and I mean you, oncoming birthday girl. -LOL-
Please keep your promise,
Because I'm still waiting for your nasi goreng pattaya. -haha-
Oh yes, and please sing for me, just once.
I would love to hear your voice darl. =)