Saturday, December 19, 2009

Movie, date & lunch.

Today I went hang out with Jes, Seu, Estee, Bryan, Lawrence, Acrystal and Yan Yee. WELL, it was a pretty amazing outing we got there.

First, when we first stepped into Mid Valley, we went straight to the cinema. Hahaha wow somebody was so anxious to watch The Twilight Saga lol, isn't Jes? Haha

However, when we reached the cinema....HOLY MOTHER! The view was just so stunning, and it awed us.
The people in front of the cinema were just amazing, which were roughly around 100-200!
Geez, what to do? Line up la! =,=
SO, against all of our will, we lined up to wait for our turn...
Luckily the counters ran pretty fast, and soon it was our turn.
Well, too bad for Jes, she didnt make it for The Twilight Saga which were showing on 11.00am while the next session will be on 4.20pm. Therefore, like it or not, she had to watch Avatar 3D with us..

The movie was fine and the graphics were breath-taking, and you will going to regret if you dont watch it.
I could not enjoy myself watching this movie though, since I was feeling so cold until I could not feel my finger anymore. LOL.
Plus I was damn starving and nature called. Hahahaha.

Then, we went to have our lunch, which was set on 3pm something, hahaha so called "lunch" huh.
Well, at the beginning we went to the food court, wow, it was full with people.
We went to Carl's Jr, and the situation still remained unchanged, FULL!
Luckily, we found a store named Noodle Station and had our seat there.
But we were so pissed when a dating couple who had paid the bill and just didnt want to leave.
Damn man, cant you see we need seats? Just bug off dude!
Then the most irritating moment was when we finally had our seat after a pretty long time, which were apparently not from THEM, they left! And that dude walked away while hugging his damn hot girlfriend! zzz.
Well, the foods were quiet okay, while relatively economic.

I had a Springy Noodle with fried chicken dumpling and a cup of espresso, which only costed me 12 bucks.

The next thing we did was spending our time in MPH Bookstore and I was so eager to find some books about avionics engineering and aerospace engineering. HOWEVER....



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby steps.

Those old days have gone away,
and new life is searching for its way out!

What am I going to do next?
Study of course.


NO way, I suck in Biology... 

How about This?

Nope, I dont draw well...

Or this?


Nah, I'm not interested.

I know!

Yeah, I love it damn much!

I'm so into it.

You know what course is it?

Well, its called avionics engineering!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Screwed Up

Facebook really screws my mood up today!

Monday, December 7, 2009


It was indeed a great movie of the year 2009 -- the 2012..
The special effects were just awesome!
The thrill ran throughout the story, and only 2 words I can say: ''very impressive''!

Roland Emmerich, the director of 2012 is also the director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow,
which were also the great movies that I recommend you to watch, kudos for you!
The movie 2012 taught me a lot of lessons, and it has shown me that mankind will always stay together no matter what, and the selflessness is indeed undoutable.
Besides that, there is also the dark side of mankind,
they only care for themselves and ignore others,
they will do simply anything, including sacrifying others, so that they could stay alive.

And I still remember a scene when Yuri, the rich-fat Russian man,
who sacrificed himself in order to save his son from being left behind.

And this greatly touches my heart.

There is a quote from this movie which is very classic for me: 

The day we stop fighting for each other, is the day when we lose our humanity.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Going for movie

Duhh finally I manage to watch 2012 tonight...
Cant wait for it babeh!
I heard some recommendations from my friends and sis,
telling me that I will be regret if I'm not going to watch it...

So.., by hook or by crook, I get my movie tickets which I bought online!
Yeah baby!

Renovation !

Yaww peeps,
I have made some changes on the blog here,
new layout,
new blog title,

blog description!

Phewww, it was quiet exhausting for me to do all these...
Search for the picture,
edit this and that,
choose for the right colours,
and edit my post entries..
But when all these come together,
it is so satisfying!
And that satisfaction is just amazing.

What a day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for anything

Life is getting more and more beautiful as SPM is passing by.
And I'm supposed to start doing my revision on Physics, where the Physics papers are on Thursday, but I'm not making any progression!
God, laziness is overwhelming myself and the examination is totally excruciating.
Hope things could be over soon.
After those 3 days, I shall be free and the beast inside me will be released!

What I'm going to do after SPM?
Well, basically there ain't a lot of things for me to do...
However, first I will get my car license and hang out with my peeps.
Then I'm going to have some rest, which will take about 2, at most 3 weeks.
After that, I will start looking for job....
God! Hopefully I could find a nice job and make some money for myself.
Maybe I will spend some time exploring life, sleeping, and fooling around.
Thanks God that I have nothing to worry about now, and its quite relieving.
Finding a girlfriend ain't my top priority, since I had enough trouble with that. haha.

My plan is all set and I'm ready.

3 days to go and counting.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do you know them?

Avicennia sp.
Rhizophora sp.
Kingdom monera
Mitotic cell division
Right subclavien vein
Hepatic portal vein
Pituitary gland

Hahaha have you heard of them before? I bet most of you haven't. 
Its all about Biology. :)

4days to go and counting.       

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im All Good!

Things are getting better and better,
although some of them are not.
But there is nothing to be worried,
nothing to be scared.
Im ready for whatever!

-Fear nothing but the fear itself.- 

Whole lots of love,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Post.

this will be my last post for now.

Good luck to all SPM candidates and lets work hard together aight!
New blog entry will be posted once I have free time.

Well, Im sorry for everything wrong that i did to you,
for things that you just cant bear with them,
for the bad words that came out of my foul mouth,
and for the lies that I have told.

I am truly sorry.



 Well, I  Failed and she turned me down,

but still, Im happy to get closer to you Adnin.

Oh yes, its really nice to spend my day with you at the park.

I was wrong about you, looks like you are way matured than I could think of.

Well, we talked about everything, your dream, your family, your friends, and school stuffs.

Just chill okay, everything will be just good and surely you can do it.

Cheers. :)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im feeling much better,
I can feel it,
good things lie ahead of me.
Its just the matter of time for me to get a new start and throw sad memory away.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Damien Rice -- The Blower's Daughter

Its really nice and calming. Enjoy. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fading away...

I said I wont be fooled again, but again, I walked towards your traps...
I texted you Malena, I texted you...
But sadly, it turned out to be that you dont recognise me anymore,
like i have vanished away from your life.
There is no point of having you back to me,
maybe this is the best time that i really have to let go, to let you go.
Well, looks like i was wrong, i really cant live without you,
but perhaps by letting you go, it could set me free from you.
Hopefully by doing so,
this could make us feel better and allows us to find someone better for you and for me.

-Sincerely dedicated to you Malena, although i know you are going to read this.-

Friday, November 6, 2009

Majlis Graduasi SMKSI 2009

The Graduation was ordinary, yet its fun,
we talked, we laughed and we enjoyed ourselves in Residence Hotel. :) There are some things that I would like to share with you guys, but I think these pictures below would tell you the best. So please have a look at them.

Residence Hotel

Adawiyah & me, lovely. :)

Jessy & Seu


Acrystal & me

Nurul Nadiah Hamdan

Eylia Nazira Ab. Razak & Foong Mei.


Jessy with me

Foods are not awesome but still acceptable. :)

New Arrival!!

My first-and-ever personal fragrance.
Its not expensive, around RM 36++, but I like it so damn much. =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please, I mean PLEASE.

Please stop making fun of me girl, it may be funny for you,
but it ain't for me.
So please stop okay.

Wrong Timing?

Am i too late to be regret?
Perhaps so, never mind, Im okay with that.
well, I will still give you my best & sincere wishes okay,

Hope you guys will be happy to be with each other. :)

weh hargai la dia tuh, sian dy mnunggu u taw tak.

Her beautiful Eyes.

Today, i saw her in front of the school gate, I thought: ''wtf, not her again!'', but damn, when i looked at her eyes, God! Her eyes are so gorgeous dude, until I almost fall into her. She seemed so innocent to me, well, I dont know she just pretend to be so, and I wont even know she is this kind of girl if i just look at her only. Wow, what should I do? Try to text her again? After what she had done to me? No3, no way, Im not going to be fooled by you again girl, your tricks may work on other guys, but they wont work on me this time, hopefully. So looks like Im not going to talk to her anymore like forever because I dont need her in my life anymore. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY,
I really cant wait for next Friday to come!
Its going to be fun.

Too bad huh, we are not going to dance. haha.
But sure it will be fancy, Im all set for that. :)

So boys and girls, are you ready for the prom?
Start choosing your fancy dresses and shoes!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screwed Things Up. Learn From Your Mistakes.

I screwed everything up, what a mess.
Well, who didnt?
Maybe I am not as perfect as you think huh.

I am just an ordinary man, im not perfect.
And yes, i can be very disappointing sometimes.
Just deal with it, who can be perfect?
Neither you, me, him, her, or everyone else can be as perfect as they want to be.

But, just maybe, the flaws that we have on ourselves,
are the things that make us special.
Try to imagine this, if there are not some jerks out there,
and everyone is so perfect,
we would not have the chance to learn changing ourselves,
chance to fix things up,
and chance to self-develop in our personalities.

If that happens, then whats the point of living in this world?
We aint human again, we are just plain machine that is made up of bone and flesh.

So, sometime when we screw things up,
we should not be sad about it.
Instead, we should try to learn from our mistake,
and start fixing them up.

Cheers and Tears of Today.

I love it when:
- I knew that she is still happy like she used to be.
- I saw her smiling at me early in the morning. :)
- I was not going to have chinese class again for today.
- I kept staring at her when I was on duty on C&D Block.
- I spent my great time with my Math teacher, Pn Rashidah. ( Ohh she is one humourous teacher that i have ever met, and yes I do respect her a lot. )
- I have a flying kiss from a girl. Wow I love that. haha
- I was laughing, which i do everyday, 24-7 non-stop. haha

I hate it when:
- I saw her face again, she is still the same, acting like nothing happened. ( Duhh, like i care.)
- I have to starve until I got back.
- I knew that I still have apprx. 2 weeks to SPM, and I didnt do anything yet.
- I was given whole lots of Bio exercises. =|
- I was scold by my mom for facing my pc for too long.
-I failed to get her phone number, nvm, keep trying. :)
- I am still having dilemma. What to do about her? How? When?
- I was turned down when I was trying to work on our first date.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life without.

Im getting used to live up my life with the absence of you.
My life is better without you girl. :)

Have fun with yours too.
I appreciate what you have done to me, they made me a better man.
Well, I have learnt that we should never leave anything that we love for something we like.
Thank you.

Oh yes, this song is sincerely dedicated to you. ;)

Lil' Wayne - Prom Queen

I loved her fancy underwear
I sit behind her every year
waiting for the chance to get
to tell her I’m the one she should be with
she’s popular with all the guys
so innocent in my eye
I could see her in my life
she would’ve had the perfect sweet man
see she had other plans
I could not understand
her and her stupid friends
varsity’s biggest fans

never forget the day
she laughed and walked away
and I couldn’t stop her
I guess she had it all
she had it all figured out
but she left me with a broken heart
fucked around and turned me down
cuz she didn’t think I could play the part
but now the prom queen the prom queen
is crying sittin’ outside of my door
see you never know how
how everything could turn around

they loved her fancy underwear
every boyfriend every year
she tried to keep ‘em entertained
when they can hardly remember her name
she did everything she could just to
to make him love and treat her good
she found herself alone
askin’ herself where did she go wrong
she didn’t realize
she chased the type of guys
that don’t believe in ties
tryin’ to apologize

never forget the day
she laughed and walked away
and I couldn’t stop her
I guess she had it all
she had it all figured out
but she left me with a broken heart
fucked around and turned me down
cuz she didn’t think i could play the part
but now the prom queen the prom queen
is crying sittin outside of my door
see you never know how
how everything could turn around

she had it all figured out
but she left me with a broken heart
fucked around and turned me down
cuz she didn’t think i could play the part
but now the prom queen the prom queen
is crying sittin outside of my door
see you never know how
how everything could turn around

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sea. Beach. Babe.

Went to K.K, Sabah from 9 Oct to 12 Oct 2009...
OMG, the sea, the beach, and the hot babes there...are quite stunning! Duhh i wish i could stay at there like...FOREVER! =D
ChEck ThEse PhoTos Out!

All in all, sure it will become my sweetest memory with my family and these scenes shall never be faded away.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

come and check ME out!!

Photo posted due to a request from Jessy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class photo of 5 Science...year 2009.
Its not nice, but surely its sweet...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awesome Day.

I went outing with my friends,
Lawrence, Amanda, Bryan & Seu...
It was awesome and fun!!
Somehow, feel kinda down because I really want to watch G-Force...
But we watched ''Where Got Ghost'' instead.

Before going for movie, we went to have our breakfast at Subway, Time Square...
Geee..., you guys know how long is 1-foot??
And thats the size of the Subway's Italian Spicy!!
OMG luckily I did not have to eat it all by myself...
Oh yes, Its bloody expensive!! Argh~~

Luckily the movie was great and real amusing...,
and I love it lol.
BUT the most embarrassing moment was i screamed out when I was watching it lol.
& Lawrence just could not stop complaining!! haha~

Err..., after that, we went to Sg. Wang and start shopping!!! Yahh! x)
ahahaha Bryan just could not stop looking for clothing.
I wish I could be as rich as he is lol...

Well, after Sg. Wang, we all went to Pavilion..
Its not far away from Sg. Wang.., but its still kinda far for
But all in all, it was still pretty fun.

When we reached there,
we went to the top floor and start window-shopping..,
due to financial factor, we could barely afford anything at there...hahaha

After that, I was thinking what to buy for the oncoming birthday girl...
then, here we are, S & J Gift Shop...
well, I bought a teddy for her, and I got a free gift -- a pen. =.=

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, the pen was broken by Bryan when we left the shop...
Man, not sure whether he did it on purpose or not. hahaha!

After that, we walked to the food court to have our lunch...
I ordered a set of spicy chicken chop rice at Little Taiwan,
which cost me RM 13...
BUT that was the second time I order the same set since I first went to there...

Then, we walked back to Sg. Wang again...
Planning to head back to home...
But Lawrence took us to Romp Fashion Store instead.

OMG, the clothes is really nice,, & gee the price is even ''nicer''!!
ahahaha! At first, I thought, WHAT THE HELL, GEE SO GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE!
But at the end, because of Amanda and Seu, I bought it. xD

Well, after that, we all went back to home by LRT.
And too bad Seu was having headache at that time.., so we were kinda worry about her.
Take good care of yourself okay. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I was...?

I was...

-trying to text her early in the morning like we used to do-
-studying bio once i reached my school-
-waiting for her-
-trying to find her face in the assembly area-
-kinda sad because she seemed cool, too cool-
-taking bio test paper 3, luckily it was not that hard-
-happy because i saw her again, but nothing happened-
-busy dealing with my matriculation & extra-curricular stuff-
-relief since i have finished most of the works-
-missing her so i sent her a text massage, wishing her to have a good day-
-kinda stupid because even when i know she wont text me, but im still waiting and hoping-
-going home by school bus-
-taking my shower which im not used to do-
-playing a new game called Killing Floor, kinda fun and thrilling-
-playing my favourite game, Counter Strike, again.-

And now i am...

-writing my blog entry-
-missing her, so much-
-hoping to get a message from her-
-getting ready for tuition class-
-getting ready for dinner-
-trying to figuring out what is she doing-
-hoping that she is missing me too duh-
-sure that i love her more than i ever did-
-publishing blog entry-
-signing off from blogger-
-signing in on tagged & myspace-
-trying to figure out about the present for her on her oncoming birthday-
-hoping that i could ask her out and date her (lol)-

-well, thats most of my day-

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oops. What should I do?

I love you more and more,
from the very moment you came into my life.
I really Love To Be Loved By You
and please tell me
How I'm Supposed To Live Without You.

Well, you know who is it and I mean you, oncoming birthday girl. -LOL-
Please keep your promise,
Because I'm still waiting for your nasi goreng pattaya. -haha-
Oh yes, and please sing for me, just once.
I would love to hear your voice darl. =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Rainy Yet Boring Day.

Man, today shouldn't be like this, I didnt expect it to be so so so, and i mean it, boring!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ALAMAK~ da nk trial da nih, npe i msh xd mood nk stdy nih...*BIG SIGH*
ARGH~ i still have a few days left to study le, why?why?why im so freaking lazy?? O.M.G...

The blog entry is specially dedicated to all who still dont have heart to study,
please dont be like me,
playing CS all day long,
watching TV all day long and
SLEEP all day long.
from now on,
open your books,
read it word by word,
and memorise all the details and important points,
maybe 3 cups of coffee per day would help you a lot.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun, yet a funny trip...

Yesterday was such a sweet & fun memory maria. thanks so much ya. =)

Prayers for Pn. Fadzilah Sirat.

People, Im afraid to tell you all that Pn. Fadzilah Sirat had beed hospitalised in ICU due to some medical difficulties. Therefore, for those who have a heart, please, pray for her and hopefully she will recover from this as soon as possible. May the God be with you teacher.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Congratz to KRS, Fire Cadet, Police Cadet and Girl Guide who won the SMKSI Marching Competition 2009 and Gadjet-constructing Competition. Hopefully the rest could catch up next year, we shall wait and see! ( BSMM, jgn klh agy tw! Thn dpn klhkn KRS! ahahaha!) ALL THE BEST!

- Specially appreciate MUHD. ZAHIN BIN JAMSARI for his contribution in boy scout. =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


SPM is just around the corner, but unfortunately i just cant settle my heart down to study and do my revision...asyik2 dok kt dpn pc & tros men game! ahahaha smpi mak pn xthn ngan aq! (bangge oh.., ahaha) But, dont worry la mum, your son can do literally anything, well, good in most of them..


Thursday, August 6, 2009

WE Tried~

Today is the day where we put the trainees on duty...well, we tried to make this as painless as possible but hopefully they wont piss us off..hahaha..Some of them are nice while some of them just aint suitable to be a prefect...BUT teacher picked them anyway..too bad.

It started nicely-- a simple briefing on how things work together, the duties that they have to fulfill and I tried to make some laughter too BUT nobody was laughing...LOL! I looked like a complete idiot. hahaha!

Hopefully they can show us some good qualities and impress us, well, in many ways.
And please cikgu?? Boleh x tolong pecatkn irwan?? I xske dy! Im sure he is a damn hypocrite!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do I Care About You?

ahahah one day baby sis Maria asked: " Do you care about me?" Well, my mind was totally blank and I replied with a very short answer-- I DONT KNOW. Hahaha I know that was a stupid and heart-breaking answer, but I was just telling the truth.

Well, we will never know whether we care about someone or not until they need us. I DO CARE ABOUT YOU, MARIA..BUT WHY?? its simple-- just because you are my friend and I care about my friend. =)


Haha all in all, i care about ya'll and hopefully you guys will do the same too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Bad Day. is such a bad day, piled homework undone, staying at home alone, and i cant play games!! oh my God, i love CS and my stupid pc just wont let me to really feels like im going to bang it and throw it from the window and let it crash and burn!!! hahaha!

Tomorrow i have school, its going to be a LONG day. Arghh... x(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Simple Apologies.

well, im sorry for letting my dear sister, Maria, waiting for me, alone, for two stupid hours. I didnt know that you were waiting for me at there and i was stupid enough to expect you to show up in school. Well, that was A BIG MISTAKE! Therefore, i apologize for what i had done and well, hopefully that you aren't mad of me right now okay.


A Whole New Adventure.

hahaha well since everybody is writing in their own blogs, why should i not to do the same thing? However, i think i wont be updating my blog frequently as im preparing for SPM...tension doh! Oh yes, this very first blog entry is specially dedicated to DHIYA AQILA ISMAIL (aka BOTAK, lol) who has been helping me in learning arab and calling me BOTAK!! Argh please la im not a baldy okay! hahaha anyway, she is yet a wonderful friend lol (weyh nih bkn nk bodek tw!)..haha

Besides that, special thanks to those who had helped me in learning arab all the time, much appreciate your assistance.

well all in all, thank you all for willing to spend you time reading this very first blog entry, much love.