Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Whole New Adventure.

hahaha well since everybody is writing in their own blogs, why should i not to do the same thing? However, i think i wont be updating my blog frequently as im preparing for SPM...tension doh! Oh yes, this very first blog entry is specially dedicated to DHIYA AQILA ISMAIL (aka BOTAK, lol) who has been helping me in learning arab and calling me BOTAK!! Argh please la im not a baldy okay! hahaha anyway, she is yet a wonderful friend lol (weyh nih bkn nk bodek tw!)..haha

Besides that, special thanks to those who had helped me in learning arab all the time, much appreciate your assistance.

well all in all, thank you all for willing to spend you time reading this very first blog entry, much love.

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