Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's behind?

I can't tell,
I really can't,
what is real and what is not.
I wish something were real, I wish we were real.
But when I come to realise,
this dream seems breaking apart, tearing me into pieces.
I know this is the truth,
where we could never be in the way I wanted us to be.
Sometimes even when I know I'm just in a dream,
I just want to stay in this dream,
stay forever.
Because you seem real to me.
If we could be like this just in my dream,
I rather I would never wake up.
I can't say how you feel.
Maybe this dream that I'm dreaming right now,
means nothing to you.
If you found somebody else better,
I rather you leave,
and put me awake from this dream.
But, before that,
I will not leave, I will not stop dreaming that we are real,
and will not stop praying that our relationship isn't just a dream.
Deep inside of me,
it's not a dream to me, and you are not a dream to me.
I hope one day,
I could tell you how much I care about you,
and tell you how much I love you.
You are not a dream to me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Say goodbye to Facebook.

Facebook status: Officially deactivated. :-)
Im sicked of it.
I don't want to face it for any longer.
I'm too sad,
I'm sorry, I'm just being emotional.
Yeah, call me whatever you want.
Looks like I don't really deserve someone that is good in my life.
Whenever I was almost there,
that person left.
Yeah, call me whatever you like,
I'm just being myself, I won't hide my feelings.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guess what. =.=

Ahahaha that's what you get when you are not ready for exam.
I didn't study much, so guess what,
I failed my maths and chemistry.
For my whole life, I have never failed my maths until now.
It was so frustrating. I was like WTF?!
Ahh and then here comes chemistry again,
and the marks were really pissing me off.

Looks like I have to work hard now. :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yeah, I get upset sometimes,
when something I wanted is not something that should belong to me.
But I will not forget how we met,
because it really means a lot to me,
I will die trying to make you mine.
Just because I like you. :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exam, Movie. Babe.

Hahaha this is post has nothing to do with babes,
but with exam and movie.

Finally, the exam was history!
Oh my, what a relieve. haha.
I can finally have myself playing poker games again! :-P

Oh yes, after today's exam,
me and fellows friends,
we went to Times Sq. ,
hanging out.
Well.., not a bad day after all.
We played pool games, had Mcdonald as our lunch, and watched the movie RED,
where RED stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous. LOL.
hahaha the movie was damn hilarious and full of actions.
One word for it, AWESOME! :-D

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Now i have come to realise that how much I'd actually lost.
Maybe because I made mistakes,
or maybe because I took silly decision,
I lost a lot of things that mean a lot more than I could possibly tell.

I hate hypocrite.
I don't really need you. Leave before you screw me up even worse.
Thank you. :-)

Staying strong, holding on,
Jeff Jen Yew
Signing Off.

Things just have to be moved on.

I can't tell why I could have this feeling,
I only could tell you what it feels like.
I got jealous.
I think I could leave it all behind, clean and easy,
but it just won't let me.
Yeah, I know it was my fault.
And I'm asking for your forgiveness.
Im sorry.

Oh yes by the way,
Im seriously in love with DSLR,
just that..err...I DONT HAVE THE MONEY.
Okay, well, that's a big problem right there. hahaha.
But never mind, I should start saving money,
perhaps one day I will own it. :-D
Sounds silly, but that the only way. lol.

Have a wonderful morning,
Jeff Jen Yew @ 7.05am

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its almost 2 o'clock in the morning.

1.52 am,
as we are struggling,
Im started to miss you already.
No matter what, no matter will or will not you give me a text,
saying that you will soon be going to sleep,
I will wait for you.

We are far apart, yet we are so close.
I guess that what a real friend really means to me.
I need you, I need you to be with me everytime,
whenever Im sad, or happy.
As long as you are with me, everything seems alright to me.

And yeah, I felt frustrated whenever I didn't get your text,
but I really could understand the situation you're having.
I know how your feelings towards me isn't like mine towards you,
but I just won't care and don't want to know.
Whenever you are around me,
even the air tastes sweet as well.

2.00 am.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you still you I know?

Feel like want to curse,
for sacrificed too much,
but eventually i got nothing in return but silence.
someimes i just hate you.
I was there for you when you need help,
but are you or will you be there for me when i need help?
Sicked of it. zzz

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You have been with me for most of the time,
you help a lot,
and you do care about me.
I really appreciate that my dear.

I love it when you call me prof. hahahaha.
Although it feels weird. :'P

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cant stop me.

The best moment of my life is the moment whenever you were with me, when we looked at each other's eyes and talked heart to heart, without keeping our guards up, it felt just so right and real. I know my feelings are real, I know they are. But whenever I try to show them to you, you just won't understand, you just couldn't. I wish I could hide all these from you. I was mad, I was upset when all these mean nothing to you. I have to tell you, and i have to admit it, I tried to forget about you, I tried not to dream of something that I couldn't get, but I really miss that moment, I miss you.
There's nothing can stop me from thinking about you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


No matter what happens,
even if you hate me,
even if you are sicked of me,
i won't change my mind.

This is a fact,
I like you. :-)
I just don't care what or who is on your mind right now,
because you are already on mine.
I felt bad,
seriously i did, when you are being ignorant.
But that won't make me to change my mind.
I will be there for you,
for whatever,
and whenever you need me.

Please believe it, because i would do that.