Friday, September 11, 2009

I was...?

I was...

-trying to text her early in the morning like we used to do-
-studying bio once i reached my school-
-waiting for her-
-trying to find her face in the assembly area-
-kinda sad because she seemed cool, too cool-
-taking bio test paper 3, luckily it was not that hard-
-happy because i saw her again, but nothing happened-
-busy dealing with my matriculation & extra-curricular stuff-
-relief since i have finished most of the works-
-missing her so i sent her a text massage, wishing her to have a good day-
-kinda stupid because even when i know she wont text me, but im still waiting and hoping-
-going home by school bus-
-taking my shower which im not used to do-
-playing a new game called Killing Floor, kinda fun and thrilling-
-playing my favourite game, Counter Strike, again.-

And now i am...

-writing my blog entry-
-missing her, so much-
-hoping to get a message from her-
-getting ready for tuition class-
-getting ready for dinner-
-trying to figuring out what is she doing-
-hoping that she is missing me too duh-
-sure that i love her more than i ever did-
-publishing blog entry-
-signing off from blogger-
-signing in on tagged & myspace-
-trying to figure out about the present for her on her oncoming birthday-
-hoping that i could ask her out and date her (lol)-

-well, thats most of my day-

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

Who is her?? I want to know. ^^
Anyway, you didn't bath after school? How stink~ XD