Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screwed Things Up. Learn From Your Mistakes.

I screwed everything up, what a mess.
Well, who didnt?
Maybe I am not as perfect as you think huh.

I am just an ordinary man, im not perfect.
And yes, i can be very disappointing sometimes.
Just deal with it, who can be perfect?
Neither you, me, him, her, or everyone else can be as perfect as they want to be.

But, just maybe, the flaws that we have on ourselves,
are the things that make us special.
Try to imagine this, if there are not some jerks out there,
and everyone is so perfect,
we would not have the chance to learn changing ourselves,
chance to fix things up,
and chance to self-develop in our personalities.

If that happens, then whats the point of living in this world?
We aint human again, we are just plain machine that is made up of bone and flesh.

So, sometime when we screw things up,
we should not be sad about it.
Instead, we should try to learn from our mistake,
and start fixing them up.

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