Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheers and Tears of Today.

I love it when:
- I knew that she is still happy like she used to be.
- I saw her smiling at me early in the morning. :)
- I was not going to have chinese class again for today.
- I kept staring at her when I was on duty on C&D Block.
- I spent my great time with my Math teacher, Pn Rashidah. ( Ohh she is one humourous teacher that i have ever met, and yes I do respect her a lot. )
- I have a flying kiss from a girl. Wow I love that. haha
- I was laughing, which i do everyday, 24-7 non-stop. haha

I hate it when:
- I saw her face again, she is still the same, acting like nothing happened. ( Duhh, like i care.)
- I have to starve until I got back.
- I knew that I still have apprx. 2 weeks to SPM, and I didnt do anything yet.
- I was given whole lots of Bio exercises. =|
- I was scold by my mom for facing my pc for too long.
-I failed to get her phone number, nvm, keep trying. :)
- I am still having dilemma. What to do about her? How? When?
- I was turned down when I was trying to work on our first date.

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