Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for anything

Life is getting more and more beautiful as SPM is passing by.
And I'm supposed to start doing my revision on Physics, where the Physics papers are on Thursday, but I'm not making any progression!
God, laziness is overwhelming myself and the examination is totally excruciating.
Hope things could be over soon.
After those 3 days, I shall be free and the beast inside me will be released!

What I'm going to do after SPM?
Well, basically there ain't a lot of things for me to do...
However, first I will get my car license and hang out with my peeps.
Then I'm going to have some rest, which will take about 2, at most 3 weeks.
After that, I will start looking for job....
God! Hopefully I could find a nice job and make some money for myself.
Maybe I will spend some time exploring life, sleeping, and fooling around.
Thanks God that I have nothing to worry about now, and its quite relieving.
Finding a girlfriend ain't my top priority, since I had enough trouble with that. haha.

My plan is all set and I'm ready.

3 days to go and counting.


ng karen said...

don worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Ameina A said...

wow CAR LICENSE? boleh bawak i jalan-jalan. YAWW :D
im waiting for your BEAST :P