Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Her beautiful Eyes.

Today, i saw her in front of the school gate, I thought: ''wtf, not her again!'', but damn, when i looked at her eyes, God! Her eyes are so gorgeous dude, until I almost fall into her. She seemed so innocent to me, well, I dont know she just pretend to be so, and I wont even know she is this kind of girl if i just look at her only. Wow, what should I do? Try to text her again? After what she had done to me? No3, no way, Im not going to be fooled by you again girl, your tricks may work on other guys, but they wont work on me this time, hopefully. So looks like Im not going to talk to her anymore like forever because I dont need her in my life anymore. :)


cik eka said...

haiya. ur blog jiwang ha.
who is this girl.

J.Y said...

hehehe cant tell ya lol. XD
duhh ingt u tak bce blog i...haha ;p

maria meina said...

who is that girl, tell meee :D

J.Y said...

oh, it was amalina. :)