Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Things Didn't Go Your Way.

I guess the picture says it all.
Mind my language, shit does happen and stir everything up, every once in a while.


it is, at least, good to know our own mistakes-
what we did wrong, what we should do better, and things like that.

Yeah, there is no so called forever-happiness or forever-sadness,
they come and go as soon as the other leaves.
What we could do are just appreciate every happy moment we spend with those we love,
and try to work things out when the troubles come.

Well, at least, we apologize for our mistakes. There's no point to be egoistic.

And when you've found out something that you don't know at the first place,
you just have to deal with it.
So what if you know, if you find it out right.
Argue over such issue isn't going to make anything better,
in fact, it makes everything worse.

Am I right? :)

you just have to have faith.
It's not easy to hold on to it,
but you just gotta have some faith.

If one is meant for you,
he or she will always be yours no matter where you go, or where you are;
if not,
she is never yours at the first place.