Friday, January 20, 2012

Hijab, Tudung - On or Off?

for those who don't know what's hijab or tudung,
Hijab or tudung is referred to the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women around the world.

Yet, due to modernization and some other reasons,
many have chosen to take off their hijab,
so that they would look stylish, and modern.
Go out there, and you would see handful of people who don't have their hijab on, especially the young generation who thinks wearing hijab is old fashioned and out-of-date.

However in Islam,
women are forbidden to reveal any part of their body including their hair, except their faces, and palms, to those who don't have direct relation with them. (Note that different regions have different dress codes.)

you would look stylish, you would look modern in a way.
And yes,
not all who don't wear hijab are considered as bad people,
and not all who wear it are considered as good.
But when it comes to this particular issue,
it's not about being modern or stylish;
it's all about identity and integrity.

Putting on hijab would clearly tell others who you really are, without a single word needed.
People would look at you, and they would that you are a muslim right away.
But in the end it's up still to you if whether or not you want to uphold the principle of Islam.
It would be totally pointless if you choose to wear hijab,
yet you refuse to uphold the principle of the religion, or vice versa.

But still,
wearing hijab would help you to have your own integrity,
as a muslim woman. Wearing hijab would always help to remind yourself,
that who you really are, and what is your belief.
Putting on hijab should never be considered as old fashioned, because that is the fundamental thing to do as a muslim woman.
Wearing hijab could also be stylish, or modern. But still, as long as you are wearing it to uphold the principle of Islam, not just following the trend blindly.
Yet, personally I don't think it should be encouraged.
To me, it's more to showing off, rather than upholding the religion.

The way you dress up reflects who you are, in the eye of others, and Him.

At least, these are my points of view, from a non-muslim.
Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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Anonymous said...

It's alright actually to wear the hijab the way we prefer and like it. As long as the main purpose of wearing hijab is to cover the aurat isn't being left out. But even so, muslim women should not only aware of the reason of wearing hijab, instead they should dress properly, following the right Islamic dress code and etiquettes of dressing. That includes modesty, humility and decency. :)

No matter what, every muslim woman who tries to wear hijab should be welcomed even if they are still lacking in the way of wearing it. That is because it is still a religious obligation for them. And it can be considered as committing a sin to those who do not follow the ruling. They can always improve themselves, about the way they wear their hijab. Not only hijab, but their clothes as well. It's okay to follow the trend like you said, but it's also right, not to follow them blindly. Because the fundamental issue is to cover the aurat, and not the way the wear their shawl. Be it tradisional or modern way, He looks at our effort to follow His law.

I've quoted this from a website. '
Wearing a tudung does not necessarily reduce social ills. That is also simple common sense. But being observant of God's laws would certainly improve the quality of life while deviating from the guidance of God would certainly reduce the quality of life in the society. The logic is as simple as that.'

Hopefully this would help too.
Wallahualam. :)