Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homo or hetero?

First of all, this is a topic which needs an open-mind.
It's basically being practised all over the world, no matter how sickening it would be to some or many of us, and no matter how strongly rejected it is by the community, or supported by some NGOs.

The term is called homosexuality.
Basically many of us, especially those who are from eastern countries, would freak out whenever they see, or know, a homosexual.
Homosexuality is, as much as I know, against our religions, regardless of which religion it is.

there are still people who are willing to speak out for the right of homosexual.
Marriage between homosexuals are being legalized in most of the western countries, while in the east people still can't quite accept this abnormality.

What makes a human, regardless of the gender, a homosexual, and how this changes their life?
Perhaps, we would have to ask them.

To me, homosexuality can still be accepted, not legally at least, by the community.
It's just that, those who are homosexual, should always contain themselves, and behave.
Being a homosexual doesn't give you the right to interrupt, nor annoy others' lives.
That will just make things worse.
There was a friend of mine, who was just recently being harassed by a homosexual, and she's sick of that.

You may see a homosexual as a freak,
but perhaps you could keep it to yourself.
You don't have to go to the extreme measures to against homosexuality, or insult the homosexuals.
Well, they are human too, and they have feelings. Perhaps they know that being a homosexual would be better for them, or perhaps they are confused.

All we should do is to guide them, or rehabilitate them.
If we choose to against homosexuality, perhaps we could go against it by doing some constructive measures, not to the extreme we will go.
It's not going to help anything if we are up for protest against homosexuality.

These are my points of view, at least. :)

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