Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haha I miss them. Some of them. hahaha.

Well, today Kak Innah suddenly miss-called me.
I said: Wow, its been a while since I last met her..which was about 3months ago..
She is real nice duhh, from Kelantan, aged 23, skinny, very indeed. hahaha.

She and Miss N are the nicest persons to me during my first working experience..

Miss N quit after a month later or so.
She left for another Job somewhere in Johor.
But months after that, she works with another company in Bangi.

And for Kak Mutmainnah aka innah aka eiyna,
well, she is very very very super awesomely lady.
Feminine, soft, but very friendly at the same time,
but not when she is mad at you. hahaha.
After I worked for MyKamera.com for 2 months3,
Innah quit and went back to her hometown, Kelantan.
Kinda miss her until now. :-)

Then2, after 3 months of working for that stingy company,
I finally quit !
Duh just couldn't stand it anymore.
Supervisor she doesn't know anything, and threw everything on me. WTF.

After I get my last pay cheque,
I terus blah.
Taknak ad pape kaitan dengan sana lagi. hahaha.

Standing from left to right: Vivian aka supervisor, wana aka new staff, mazliana, innah, dispatch boy. haha.

Miss N is not in this photo. :-)

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ZanaWang(: said...

Jenyeww hensem :DD HAHA. Terpikat taww. *Sajamainmain. HAHA.