Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When men are from Venus and women are from Mars.

When men become emotional, and women turn aggresive because of excessive testosterone..
When men tend to think too much and keep complaining to their wife, and women start drinking beers in front of the TV, watching football..

When men have to bleed the hell out of them every month, and women just can stop laughing when talking about start cooking all day long in the greasy kitchen, and women have to work extra shifts to make ends meet..
One species, two genders.
But totally different roles to play.

Understanding each other ain't easy, it takes time to build up.
When you feel that others don't understand you, ask yourself, do you understand them?

When your mom scolds you for something stupid that you've done..
Why she has to?
Because she loves you.

When the boy you once loved broke up with you..
Because you ain't just the one for him, and he ain't just the one for you.

When your husbands just couldn't stand it when you keep complaining..
Because he is tired of working, not tired of listening to you.

Think if you have the reason to blame something stupid on someone else. :)

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