Saturday, December 25, 2010


2010 will soon become a history,
as another whole new chapter will begin.
Lots of things happened throughout the whole year,
and of course, its a bitter-sweet year.
Done something great,
fucked up something sometimes,
made some friends &
lost some at the same time,
been in love,
broke up with somebody,
found the one I love but got myself rejected..
 I've learnt some great lessons..
I've gone through all sort of things.

Life is never easy,
but it can be very enjoyable..
Just depends on how you treat it.
 This year,
is quite a frustrating and depressing year though.
Got myself a pretty good results in spm,
but end up in form 6.
 Looks like life isn't always fair huh..

 To be honest,
this idea never ceases in my head..
Sometimes I will think,
why don't I just put a bullet in my head,
or hang myself,
and I won't have to worry all this.
But nahh, I didn't do it.
It wasn't me not brave enough to do it,
just that I still have my family.
What about them if I die.
Well, at least I still have my reason to live longer,
although life doesn't really treat me right.

And about friends,
I don't know.
I can't really tell who's real, who's not.
Maybe I tend to overthink,
or maybe some of them indeed made friends for their own advantage.
Who knows.
Till I really need them, that's when I will know.
If somebody betrays me,
I will hurt him back, 10 times harder.
If somebody betray my trust,
for sure I will just laugh & watch that somebody dies when he/she is in trouble.
Not quite so.

it's good, it's bad.
It's sweet, it's evil sometimes. :)

Evil minded,
Jeff Jen Yew,
Signing off.

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