Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weak man strong man.

Physically strong men,
Hmm, they do look attractive.
Just by how they look may easily impress the opposite sex.
Physically lame men,
yeah, they may look dumb, yet silly,
but who on Earth has the right to take away their right to love? :)
 But yeah, nobody really likes a nerd,
unless oneself is a nerd too. LOL =.=
Try to answer this,
when you first meet 2 men,
one of them has tough & musculine body but he is indecisive on what he wants for his life,
and the other one has outstanding characters but he has a not-so-hot-body,
who impress you the most?

Nah, just a lame question.
But I believe that strong characters will always win over machoness
Though I don't have either one of them. >.<

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