Thursday, December 23, 2010


I feel old. haha lol.
Nah, just kinda miss that moment.
I can still remember,
it is still fresh in my memories.

Though I can't remember what was the date that I got my PMR result,
I can't forget,
the moment when I was lining up to get my result.
Damn, my heart was pounding like insane.

I glad that I got straight A's in PMR.
And I won't be ashamed to tell anyone,
that I graduated from SMK Seri Indah.
Because that's where I learnt, that is where I grew up, that is where I became a man.

Like I said before,
my body, it stays with Victoria,
my heart, it stays with S.Serdang,
but my soul, will be always with SMK Seri Indah. :)
To all the PMR candidates, congrats on the good results. Proud of you all.

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