Sunday, December 19, 2010

A not-bad morning. :D

Well, it was like as usual,
mira and i, we went to have breakfast together, AGAIN. hahaha
But this time, @ Paparich.
Yawww, not bad to have breakfast at there.
Fried rice and iced lemon tea for her and steamed bread and cappuccino for me.
hahaha yeah, of course the breakfast wasn't cheap.
But not that bad either.
Then, we went to GIANT shopping mall.
Pergh, thought it wasn't open yet, but actually it's open at 8am every weenkend. hahaha. lol.
Haa we went window shopping laa kononnya,
The epic moment is when we went to the toy department,
and try literally every toy we got there.
Barbies, toy guns, robots, blahblahblah...
Two grown-ups playing with toys, imagine that! hahahaha lol!

Well, here comes the main event --- ARCADE.
Daytona, ping pong, time crisis 3, you name it. lol.
OMG, there was nobody there, except two kids with their parents. hahahaha
Macam budak2.

We played, we laughed. :)

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