Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Somewhere around this time,
back in the year 2008..
The moment when we were having non-stop conversation,
we knew nothing about tiredness.

We talked a lot.
From our dreams, to our lives.
The best damn thing was,
we were comfortable with each other.
Everything was great,
the conversation was good,
the doodle we made was surely a sweet thing to be remembered.

I just miss every single moment that we used to spend.
It's special to me.
I love that moment, and I cherish that all the time,
time passed, some things change,
but that will never take those memories off my mind.

Now here I have her,
together with me,
after all these years.

Yes, things happen something.
Good..and bad.
Sometimes, we just have to hold on to what we have and what we used to have in the past.
That special feeling never fades away.

Many things have in between these years,
ever since we graduated.
Tere are just too many of them, until we can't tell it one by one.

Well, I haven't even met her,
and I haven't even talked to her before, well, face to face.
I want to meet her one day.
Perhaps, one day, I really will.

Good night love. :)