Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Friend.

Okay, first of all, the story that I'm going to tell,
is about the random conversation that I had with my friend.

I asked for her opinion about my new blog layout,
and then suddenly she said : " Eh, jiwang. "
I was like, oh my. haha. xD

Talking about her,

she is my bestie.
We have gone through many thing together kot.
We knew each other when both of us were dating our ex's.

Then days after days, me and my ex broke up,
and soon after that she and her ex broke up too.
When her ex broke up with her,
she was sad.
And then, by any means to give her some spirit,
we decided to have a day out together,
Why did I do that?
Maybe we were facing the same issue kot, that's all.
No other intention. :)

that any means cost me like a huge fortune kot.
HUGE, tahu tak? haha. :))

What we did that day?
Basically, we went for movie. 2 movies.

Piranha, and Cats & Dogs.
Haha, bila da on spending spree, air mengalir macam air. HAHA.
I don't even remember where I spent my money.
All I could remember were those 2 movies. >,<

And then time went on. :)
We are still besties kannnnn, mira?

Hahaha xD