Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where The Hearts First Met.

Talking about this.
Thanks to one place,
where everything could fall at the right place for the first time..

-Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Well, we knew each other on Myspace,
in end of the year 2008.
At first, we were not close at all.
Tak tegur pun, sombong. hahaha.

But then, until now, both of us still don't know how we could end up chatting,
chatting on YIM.
We just chatted, almost every night.
From night till dawn, we chatted non-stop.
We actually had a lot of things in common, and we still have some things in common now.
Well, let's not go detailed on that.

Everything were good.
But in the year 2009,
I just didn't head from her anymore, as if she went disappeared.
Soon, a year had passed, and it was 2010.
You know, sometimes I actually signed in YIM,
just to see if you were there and I left you words so that you could read it when you are back online.
Who knows right, if you would. haha.


Then, just out of nowhere,
she's back, with her words " Good night handsome. xD ".

And things went on after that,
we are together.
And nothing could feel better than this, after all these years. :')

N. Uyuun Rahimi.