Monday, November 14, 2011

What To Do.

Well, everything is over now.
She wants to be just friends, after months we had been together.

Why couldn't you tell me earlier if you just want to be friends?
At least I could prepare myself for that.
You once said you would hold on to me, and go through everything with me,
and now you just want to be friends.
What does that suppose to mean?

I hate you.
Seriously, I do.
I hate you not because of having me fooled.
But I hate you because I loved you so much, that I once thought we could be together a bit longer.

Now everything is not the same anymore,
you are not mine,
everything that we had before, is completely wiped out.
It wasn't easy to build all these, and you had everything destroyed now.

What should I do,
I don't know.
Try to cheer you up? I would give it a try.
To wait for you until we could become lovers again? Only God knows that.

No matter what, you are the girl that I once loved.