Thursday, April 8, 2010

JPA Scholarship Interview @ PICC

Yesterday I went to JPA scholarship interview at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya...

Well.., things didn't go as the way I had expected. Hahaha
The interview was at 2pm sharp, and believe it or not,

Forms are not printed, documents are not verified...

 Imagine that, I live in Taman Equine, and I have to haed straight to school,
just ask for some fu**ing stamps and signatures,
then I have to head back to Putrajaya! Geez!
Hahaha luckily the officers are quiet nice to me,
(not sure its because of my parents are with me or not, haha)
they let me through though I am late..

Wow I have to admit that waiting for your turn is the most excrutiating part of the entire interview process,
My turn was scheduled at 2 pm, but I reached there at 3.10pm,
so I have to be shifted to 4pm-5pm session.

There is a girl, chinese, looking seriously nice,
and she talked to me lol.
But it lasts for some minutes, since all of us are very3 anxious, haha.

After the previous session was over,
the interviewee said it was quiet fun, and the indian guy interviewer is very 'FRIENDLY'.
hahaha LOL.

Well, its our turn.
Once we stepped in, took our seats,
the indian guy said " Which one of you were late? "
and he said my name...LOL

I can only answer him that I was lost,
which I was not. hahaha.
Then he said " It shows you dont care about this opporturnity, it will sure pull down your marks. "

Duhh what can I do? haha just a simple apologize lol.

The interview starts with a short introduction of ourselves,
then follows by a group session..
They give us a question --
In your opinion, should Malaysia be an industrial or agricultural country? Discuss.

haha it was quiet fun, I was manage to perform well enough, as I didnt prepare for it. hahaha

Well, end of story. Wish me luck okay guys. =)

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