Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days without worries...except about money.

Oh my god, Malacca is truely awesome!
The food there, weather there, and girls there are so, so, so NICE. >: )

When we reached there, we straight away went hanging around the hotel.
First we went to hunt some local food,
we had nyonya food for lunch,
and that was amazinggg.
I can't describe how delicious it is,
imagine squids cooked with nyonya style sambal,
that was truly simple yet so perfect!
Other than that, we also had some other cuisines,
like fried chicken with nyonya style chilli, kangkung bawang putih, and itek tim.
I'm sorry that I didn't take the pictures of those cuisines, because I was too anxious to eat them!
Although the lunch was a bit expensive, but personally I think it's worth to try them all out.

Okay, then we dropped by a museum,

and did A LOT of stupid things there. hahaha.
It was a palace for the royal family of Melaka and now the state government turned it into a museum.
But somehow, we didn't learn much about the history of Melaka. haha lol.

Then, we moved to the historical place of all time - A' Famosa.
That place, well, to me, is boringgggg. -.-

Even when you want to take a photo of a parrot,
you have to pay. zzz. ><
But nahhh whatever, it's still a place that you have to go when you are in Malacca.

 Then, here's the second day,
we rented bikes and went cycling around the town,
*seriously the bike wasn't that comfy. -.-*
 We cycled to Jonker Walk and had chicken rice balls and chicken for lunch,

 omg that taste so so so good,
even for someone like me that doesn't really like to eat chicken!
And the price is CHEAP! :p

Next, we went hanging around,
and shopping! lol.
We planned to go to Menara Tanming Sari for the bird eye view of the whole Malacca,
but there were like A LOT of people there,
so we had to cancel that from the plan.
But we still had fun though,
cycling all day long, like Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan,
and the bikes broke down and we paid to fix the bikes that actually belonged to someone else. lol.

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