Sunday, January 9, 2011

You know it first hand.

Okay, movie of the day - Paranormal Activity 2.

haha although a little problem was up, but we still managed to make it.
No! It wasn't my fault for sure. So don't blame it on me!

Ahha well I think the P.A 2 is indeed much more horrifying than the 1st one,
but somehow both of the sequel is related.
So it's recommended that you should watch the Paranormal Activity before you watch the 2nd sequel. :)

The story revolves around Dan, Kristi, their daughter Ali and their new-born baby Hunter.
I promise you that you will get high if you enjoy watching horror movies.
Throughout the whole storyline, although you can't really see the ghost / demon, well, except when it's possessing Kristi and Katie, but you can really feel that IT IS THERE.
That's a major success.
When you let your guard down, that when the scary part happens, BANGGGG! For sure it will make you scream out loud. hahaha.

Why Paranormal Activity is a huge success?
Because the budget in making P.A was only USD 15 000 and it was considered a low-budget movie.
However, it had successfully grossed over USD 190 million worldwide!
Their key to success is indeed they know exactly what is our deepest fear, and they understood what audience want in a horror movie.

Trust me on this, you won't get disappointed watching this movie. Well, except the ending of the story isn't that satisfying and there are many thing are left unexplained.
But then, that's when your imagination comes into play.

All in all, thumbs up for Paranormal Activity 2. :)

For more information about this movie, check out this link.

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