Sunday, September 18, 2011

Suara Saya - 1 M'sia :D

Meet Nor fatin Nabila and her dearest father En. Mohamad Zaini.

Upon the approval from Miss Nor Fatin Nabila ( takde H ye ) aka NAB, hereby I came up with this post.

This would be the very first time that I actually paid her a visit, after we've known each other for a year or so. Ahh first thing I noticed, ehh muka da pucatttt. :( But still, I know she's already getting better, so insyaAllah you will be blessed always alright nab. :)
Knowing that she has been struggling throughout her 2nd semester, due to some difficulties, I'm actually quite impressed by her attitude. Da la I ni sihat belaka je, malas nk study pula tuh. Org asyik sakit2, tp boleh pula rajin belajar. haha shame on me. =.=
Anyway, she's a tough girl, she never quits, and she will strive hard for her goals.
From here, I wish you all the best in your studies, take care of yourself when you are in P.D and make sure nobody will do you harm again, BE STRONG okayy. Oh yeah, best of luck for your L.I in December, lame lagi tapi janji da wish. haha. :D

This post is credited to Miss Nor Fatin Nabila and her father, En. Mohamad Zaini, for being so friendly and kind. Thank you for everything. God bless, always. :)