Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Letting Go The One That Got Away

Letting go is easy, moving on is a process.
You loved, you got hurt, you patched up and healed.
It's just a cycle.

The worst pain was my love never got answered.
I was left hanging.
I was left in desperation.
I was left with trust issues.
I was left with my worst ego.

Hell, I died a little when I decided to let go.
Let go of the things that I cherished the most...let go of you.
Never stopped trying, and always tried to be optimistic that one day you would answer..
That you would tell me that you love me too.

That day, it never came.
Still, I love you. And I will miss you, no matter where you are.
As always, you be good, be safe, eat well and rest well, my dear.

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