Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st week @ Victoria Institution

3 words: BORING, FUN & TIRING.

Why boring?
It's simple, because I freaking miss my previous school! Damn I want to go back. T-T
I miss all the girls, i miss all my friends, even the teachers too.
I miss everything, and i want them back.
But only in my dream la. haha.

Why fun?
Because i got a bunch of cool dudes,
i met new friends,
i have new life here.
Its fun to have more friends.
And i love them all. :-)

And why tiring?
hahaha why dont you try to take 2hours to go home every single day?
waiting for the train is freaking boring enough,
and you have to wait for the bus too. Its like OMG.
I sleep for at least 3 hours after school.
Thats why I cant get myself enough time to get online. Damn. hahaha. 
Feeling exhausted,
Jeff Jen Yew
Signing off @ blogger.

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