Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner. Shopping. Arcade Games.

Okay, here's what happened.
Me and bunch of dudes went for dinner @ jusco equine.
Small place, but whole lots of fun when you can meet up some old friends.
Miss them like hell.

At 6.15pm,
i go pick amanda up at her house,
and then together we go there and meet the others.
There are 7 of us,
Me, Acrystal, Lawrence, Issac, Seu, Amanda & Ying.

First thing first, Dinner time! haha.
We go to a chinese restaurant, not fancy,
but the food there is kinda tasty.
I have a cheese-stewed rice with beef @ RM13.50, damn delicious! OMG.
Then, we went shopping at the supermarket & watsons,
do some shopping,
then chow. lol.

After that we go and play some arcade games,
like a kid! xD
Seriously, when you are with friends,
there are a lot of crazy thing that you might possibly do,
JUST FOR FUN. hahaha.
Anyway, its fun to have a outing with you all buddies.
Love to meet yall up next time.
Peace out. :-)

Damn happy to meet you guys,
Jeff Jen Yew.

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