Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Awkward Moment.


Then, "Hahahaha" was all we heard from each other.

After so many years, so many days, we finally managed to make a call, and hear each other's voice for the very first time. Well, perhaps she was sleepy that time, so we didn't really talk much on the phone and the awkwardness was just overwhelming. haha. Maklumlah, tak pernah call pun kita due ne. haha :))
We didn't talk much. In fact, we were in silence most of the time while we were on the phone. But everything has it's first time right, perhaps we will talk more next time. hehe. But still, I'm confused whether to talk to her in bm or english. Last2, bm bi kasi campur je. haha. xD

Anyway, there it goes, that was my first time that I actually heard her voice. Her voice, makes everything better, in any way.
I love her more than I can tell her on the phone, thanks to the awkwardness. haha.
Perhaps I will say it again next time, I will tell that to you everyday, everytime when we are on the phone.

Yun, if you could read this, remember that I'll always love you, I'm always your grandpa jem, and you are always my ikan yu. :')