Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to do.

Seriously, I don't know what to do about this, about us.
Deep inside, I love you more than I can imagine ; on the outside, I just don't want to see you to be in this mess no more.
Hard times, yes, they will always be there. To challenge you, to test you. But I just don't want to see you, and your friends end up like this, because of me.
I know it would hurt you a lot if I let you go, because you are trying so hard right now, I can see that.
But is it worth trying for, yun? Am I worth loving?
Even myself can't give you my answers.
I don't know if we could last forever, but I've promised you that I will never leave, and I will always keep my promise.
Perhaps being just friends would be the best for us, who knows. Even though I want us to be more than friends, I want to be together all the time, but as long as they 'tak doakan hubungan ini', we will never be happy. Neither will you, nor me.
It's silly to think about others or what they say, since this relationship is ours, but they really do have their points there. Yes, muslim and non-muslim, together we will be facing many challenges - from friends and family, and most importantly, from Him.
I don't know since when I started to have my faith in You, but I really hope that You would give us the strength to go through everything.
Or perhaps you could end this, and let us just be friends again.

Nevertheless, I don't want us to be strangers, I never want that to happen.
We started off this as friends, and I always want you to be my best friend.
Am I the one for you? It doesn't really matter.
He will definitely give you the man who deserves you.
But I want you, I need you. It'd be such a waste to lose someone like you, as a lover and a great friend.
One day, if we happen to be apart..
I hope you would still tell me everything about you, share everything with me.
Don't ever take me as I've never existed in your life, as my heart is always yours.
Love me or love me not, I need you yun.

We are muslim and non-muslim, chinese and malay.
We started off this as a young girl and a young man, to a woman and a man.

I sincerely wish for the best for both of us.

Problems that bug you and me, perhaps there will be solutions for that. InsyaAllah.
And special thanks to Iman, for being supportive all the time, and also those who have been thoughtful.